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Chain Wooden Beads Toy
9 results

Caitec Small Fruit Wooden Bird Toys

As low as $7.99
Satisfy big appetites for chewing fun with fruit-themed bird toys. Small Fruit Wooden Bird Toys by Caitec Corp offer Parakeet to Conure sized-birds an outlet for natural chewing behavior. Long-lasting wood pieces keep beaks busy while vibrant, fruity colors add welcomed cheer to bird cages. Keep birds happy with stimulating climbing and swinging activity that enriches any cage. Small Fruit ...
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Holiday Vine Mat Wreath Bird Toy

As low as $5.19
Hanging bird toy boasts festive holiday star motifNatural wicker material entices chewing fun for birdsDecorative bird toy adds holiday cheer to bird playtime Festive holiday bird toy makes a charming gift for your special bird. Holiday Vine Mat Wreath Bird Toy features enticing natural materials birds find irresistible. Wicker star takes center stage during playtime to provide birds an ...
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Rainbow Bridge Activity Center

As low as $10.99
Hanging bird toy attaches at two points - hang from side to side Wooden chew toy helps alleviate cage boredom and condition your bird's beak Your bird can swing and play Hang this exciting toy in your bird's cage and watch him have a "swinging" good time. Brightly colored wooden blocks come in an assortment of shapes like blocks, triangles, ...
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Cactus Bird Toy Activity Center

As low as $39.99
No prickly spikes deter your bird from this "cactus" - just plenty of wood blocks for climbing and paper rope for shredding. The thick wooden blocks are vegetable dyed to provide safe perching and chewing fun. The toy's paper rope challenges your bird to twist, chew and destroy - and when she does destroy it, it's replaceable. Unravel the paper ...
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Large Wooden Fruit Bird Toys

As low as $18.99
Colorful wooden toy great for larger birds that love to chew Cheerful fruit-themed bird toy loaded with hours of fun Enrich bird cage environment with a variety toy choices Caged birds will go bananas over these cheerful, fruit-themed toys. Large Fruit Wooden Bird Toys by Caitec Corp goes beyond bananas for a cornucopia of delightful toys designed to keep birds ...
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Small Bird Dangling Triangles

As low as $4.49
Brightly colored wood triangle toys for birds let your bird chew, just like he needs to Wooden bird preening triangles help relieve stress Your bird climbs, gnaws, and pulls at the wood shapes, then descends to ring the bell merrily Just "tri" to get your bird away from these awesome triple-angled shapes! Irresistible dangling beaded triangles have textures, bright colors, ...
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Ball Cluster

As low as $11.99
Hanging wicker bird toys are made from brightly-colored woven wood Fun bird toys incorporate wicker orbs and rings with leather strip Vibrant colors and crunchy textures encourage your medium bird to play Wicker bird toys let your pet wrestle up some fun in any cage. All-natural wood fibers are woven into fun balls or chain links and combined with a ...
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As low as $29.99
Bird toy features ten cascades of wooden blocksThick wood pieces are vegetable-dyed for safetyPerfect chew and play toy for Amazons and macaws Extra-large wooden bird toy features a bevy of safe wood pieces for chew, climb, and play fun. Features an oversized 1-1/4" thick x 6" wide x 5-1/2" high wood block base, from which ten appendages of alternating blocks ...
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Small Bird Dangling Dangly Bear

As low as $5.99
Smaller toys are definitely not small on entertainment. This enticing, hanging bird toy has textures, bright colors, and sounds smaller birds like best, sized right! Hang wood and cotton toy anywhere in your small bird's cage and watch him go at it with relish. Observe your pet bird climb up and have a ball gnawing and chewing at the colorful ...
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