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Chain Pet Toy
6 results

Wood and Bamboo Foraging Toy

As low as $4.99
With multiple uses, this bamboo toy has wood to chew, stacks to climb, intriguing noises, and hiding places galore to awaken and feed your small pet's foraging instinct. Made of wood and bamboo, these hanging toys keep your small pet guessing. Place bits of your small pet's favorite treats inside each cup, and then hang inside cage and watch the ...
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Petstages Mini Toys for Small Dogs

As low as $3.99
Toys with purpose made especially for small dogs Interactive toys ideal for helping your dog burn off excess energy Stuffing-free toys are safely made and leave no stuffing messes Your small dog likes to burn off energy, too, so provide toys made just for small breeds with Petstages Mini Toys. Mini Bone Tug is ideal for a game of toss ...
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Space Circles Foraging Toy

As low as $9.99
Interactive bird toy challenges your pet bird to solve the puzzle for food rewards. Satisfies your bird's daily necessity to forage. Simply place a treat inside, and watch your bird's natural instinct take over for hours of foraging fun. Treats not included. Perfect for multiple skill levels, you can easily vary the level of difficulty. Nickel-plated chain and quick link ...
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Talk 'N Play Bird Toy

As low as $8.99
Interactive bird toy will have your bird talking up a storm. Birds learn to operate the four easy-press buttons to activate fun phrases and captivating lights. Ultra-tough, plastic outer casing includes an unbreakable mirror for feather fluffing. Zinc-free chain and quick link included for hanging. Battery included. Assorted colors. Toy Size Suggested for Small 2" x 4" Parakeets to Conures ...
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Foragewise Parrot's Treasure Bird Toy

As low as $12.99
Foraging puzzle toy challenges pet birds to work for their rewardEncourages your bird's natural foraging instinctsShatter-resistant polymer construction withstands the toughest chewers Reward your bird's problem-solving skills. Teach your bird to unlock the keys to make the bottom drop and reveal hidden treasures. Simply load bird toy with treats and hang for your bird to solve (treats not ...
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Caitec Small Fruit Wooden Bird Toys

As low as $7.99
Satisfy big appetites for chewing fun with fruit-themed bird toys. Small Fruit Wooden Bird Toys by Caitec Corp offer Parakeet to Conure sized-birds an outlet for natural chewing behavior. Long-lasting wood pieces keep beaks busy while vibrant, fruity colors add welcomed cheer to bird cages. Keep birds happy with stimulating climbing and swinging activity that enriches any cage. Small Fruit ...
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