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Chain Cotton Rope Toy
8 results

Messy Mop Bird Toy

As low as $13.99
Let your bird preen to his heart's content and prevent feather plucking. Messy mop is made from cotton rope, wood, and ribbon. An ideal way to help alleviate cage boredom and other negative behavior! Includes stainless steel chain and quick link. 12" x 5". Suggested for conures to amazons. Please click "More Information" for additional bird chew toy benefits.
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Paradise Fireworks Bird Toys

As low as $4.59
Exciting interactive toy engages your bird's senses & instincts Paper, corn husk, wooden blocks provide preening & chewing fun Hanging bird toy also makes a perfect swinging perch Light the fuse on an explosion of fun when you hang a colorful Fireworks toy in your bird's cage. Shreddable paper flames, a woven cornhusk perching tube, colorful wooden blocks for chewing, ...
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As low as $11.99
Long-lasting metal chain resists chew damage from eager chewers. Metal Chains for Small Pet Toys is a great solution for small pet owners looking for a chew-resistant alternative to Sisal & Cotton Rope . Create exciting, one-of-a-kind toys simply by stringing together your favorite Build Your Own Toys for Small Pets. Refurbish or renew old favorites with metal chains to ...
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Small Bird Dangling Dangly Bear

As low as $5.99
Smaller toys are definitely not small on entertainment. These enticing, hanging bird toys have textures, bright colors, and sounds smaller birds like best, sized right! Hang wood and cotton toys anywhere in your small bird's cage and watch him go at it with relish. Observe your pet bird climb up and have a ball gnawing and chewing at the colorful ...
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Mr. Frog Legs Cage Mate for Birds

As low as $9.99
Entertain and challenge your birdVisually stimulating colors will attract attention Mr. Frog Legs doubles as an activity center and makes a great cage companion for your bird. Your bird will chew, preen, and play on Mr. Frog Legs' large wooden pieces and cotton rope. Made to last, this toy will challenge your bird physically and mentally. Toy hangs from a ...
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Bodacious Bites Bamboo Shoots

As low as $43.99
Mega-parrot toy rewards big birds with 3 tiers of huge bamboo ladder steps to conquer and climb! Your bird will enjoy hours of activity and exercise exploring this amazing playground loaded with dozens of different shapes, textures, and colors. Chew coconut, untie sisal knots, preen grass skirts, grasp driftwood, even explore the bamboo cylinders for hidden surprises you've tucked inside. ...
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Small Bird Dangling Triangles

As low as $4.49
Brightly colored wood triangle toys for birds let your bird chew, just like he needs to Wooden bird preening triangles help relieve stress Your bird climbs, gnaws, and pulls at the wood shapes, then descends to ring the bell merrily Just "tri" to get your bird away from these awesome triple-angled shapes! Irresistible dangling beaded triangles have textures, bright colors, ...
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Bodacious Bites Fluff N Stuff

As low as $35.99
Mega-parrot toy rewards big birds with a huge hanging ladder bursting with fluffy, preenable fun! Your bird will enjoy hours of activity and exercise exploring this amazing playground loaded with dozens of different shapes, textures, and colors. Pull and preen fluffy fibers, chew driftwood and blocks, climb bamboo tunnels, even forage for surprises you've tucked inside. Safe, strong and ...
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