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Ceramic Filter
9 results

Zoo Med Turtle Clean 15 External Canister Filter

As low as $4.99
Specially designed turtle filter tackles ammonia and waste problems in turtle habitats. Quiet, yet powerful, external 3-stage filter systems keep water exceptionally clean and odor-free. Water continuously circulates to trap debris, neutralize ammonia, and help remove dissolved organics. The Zoo Med Turtle Clean 15 External Canister Filter features innovative spray bar return that showers the ...
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Cobalt Aquatics E-X-T Canister Filter

As low as $112.10
4-stage canister filter with inline pump for aquatic reptile habitats Keep aquatic reptile habitats cleaner with custom filtration options Great filter for turtle tanks, paludariums & other low water setups Enjoy flexible 4-stage filtration whether you have a turtle tank, paludarium, aqua-terrarium or a low-water herptile setup. The innovative Cobalt Aquatics E-X-T Canister Filter employs the ...
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PowerFlo Max Underwater Filter

As low as $14.99
Underwater pond filter for mechanical and biological filtrationPowerFlo Max filter boasts easy installation and maintenanceUse as a fountain pre-filter or part of a complete pond filtration system Keep pond water pristine with a Laguna PowerFlo Underwater Filter. With its powerful mechanical filtration system, the PowerFlo efficiently eliminates dirt and floating debris. What sets it apart ...
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Fluval G Series Premium Filter

As low as $379.99
Ultra-advanced aquarium canister filter with electronic monitoring system New concept in aquarium filtration features easy, top-load media cartridges LCD shows pump performance, conductivity and aquarium water temperature Ultra-advanced aquarium filtration for a new generation of aquarists. Revolutionary canister filter takes convenience to a new level with truly innovative features AND smart ...
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Rapids Mini Canister Filter

As low as $3.99
Keep your terrarium water clean, clear and healthy Filters terrariums up to 20 gallons 3-stage biological, mechanical and chemical filtration Requires no space inside terrarium - hangs on back Optimum 3-stage filtration easily hangs directly on the back of the terrarium or stands on its own. Keep your water clean, odor-free and clear with a super-efficient, quiet and compact filter ...
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Zoo Med Turtle Clean 511 External Canister Filter

As low as $7.99
External canister filter has compact design to maximize internal habitat spaceEasy-to-use filter is loaded with convenient features to allow for hassle-free operationComes complete with spray bar system to help eliminate smelly odors and aerate water Offer your aquatic turtle clean, healthy water to optimize his health. Compact, space saving filter design gives you the filtration your turtle ...
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Zoo Med Turtle Clean 50 & 70 External Canister Filter for Aquatic Turtles

As low as $9.99
Popular 3-stage canister filter for aquatic turtles now available for larger setups. Zoo Med Turtle Clean 50 & 70 External Canister Filter for Aquatic Turtles features an energy-efficient design that delivers effective mechanical, chemical and biological filtration for clean and healthy aquatic turtle habitats. Compact external canister filter with slimline design easily fits in tight spaces ...
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Sicce Space EKO+ External Canister Filter

As low as $118.26
Energy-efficient Italian-made multiple stage aquarium canister filter Maintains healthy aquarium water while minimizing operating costs Comes complete with Sicce filter media & tubing to ease filter set up Highly energy efficient and feature-loaded canister filter ensures easy set up without compromising professional result. Sicce Space EKO+ External Canister Filter is specially-designed to ...
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Aquascape® Pond Filter Urn

As low as $31.98
Add a touch of rustic charm AND improve water quality of your pond or water garden. Aquascape Inc Pond Filter Urn is a decorative ceramic filter that incorporates easily into any setting. Functional and aesthetically-pleasing filter provides two-stage mechanical and biological filtration to help keep pond water clean and clear. Use as your main filter for smaller ponds up to ...
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