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Ceramic Filter Media
8 results

Fluval BIOMAX Filter Media

As low as $8.49
Biological filter media for Fluval Multi-Stage Canister Filters Supports good bacteria to boost water quality in herptile tanks Naturally control ammonia & nitrite harmful to aquatic herptiles Maintain efficient biological filtration to establish the foundation for healthy aquatic herptile environments. Fluval BIOMAX Filter Media for Fluval Multi-Stage Canister Filters feature a complex pore ...
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Cobalt Aquatics Biological Filter Media

As low as $15.99
Innovative biological filter media for koi and goldfish ponds Maximize surface area for beneficial pond bacteria to thrive Choose extremely porous Ceramic Rings or advanced design Bio-Globes Boost biological filtration with your choice of two innovative media options. Cobalt Aquatics Biological Filter Media offer the ideal habitat for beneficial nitrifying bacteria to colonize and thrive. ...
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BioMate Filter Media Balls

As low as $11.99
Media Balls aerate and increase biological activity in your aquarium Use in wet/dry, canister and corner box filters, or anywhere biological media can be used Advanced design maximizes bacteria growing surface Innovative filter media balls enhance biological activity, aeration, and now, even more. Improved BioMate Solid Balls create the ideal environment for beneficial bacteria to efficiently ...
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Nano Cube Replacement Filter Media

As low as $2.99
Replacement filter media for Nano Cube aquariumsSpecially sized mechanical, chemical, and biological filter media3-stage filtration to help maintain optimum water quality Replacement filter media for Nano Cube aquariums. Specially sized to fit within the Nano Cube filtration system for optimum filtration and water quality for your aquarium inhabitants. Mechanical Filter Sponge traps detritus ...
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Fluval Pre-Filter Media

As low as $6.99
Ensure best filter performance and aquarium water quality. Fluval Pre-Filter Media provides the necessary mechanical filtration to remove larger debris from aquarium water without compromising the performance of your Fluval 06 Multi-Stage aquarium canister filter. Fluval Pre-Filter Media prevents premature clogging and extends interval between media replacements by capturing solid waste ...
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CerMedia MarinePure Biofilter Media

As low as $52.99
Quickly removes toxic ammonia and nitrites and reduces nitrates Use in sumps, trickle filters, wet/dry filters, canisters, or hang-on-tank filters Helps support large fish loads with lower filtration footprint Achieve excellent water quality using a smaller filtration footprint with MarinePure High Performance BioFilter Media. MarinePure High Performance Biofilter Media is made from an inert, ...
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AquaClear Media

As low as $5.99
AquaClear's unique CycleGuard protection is achieved by combining multiple inserts with the largest media volume available (over 6X greater than any comparable cartridge). Alternate replacement of inserts preserves sufficient bacteria populations to rapidly re-seed the biological filter after cleaning. Alternate replacement of inserts preserves sufficient bacteria populations to rapidly ...
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Fluval G Series Advanced Filter Media & Cartridges

As low as $19.99
Biological, chemical and mechanical filter media for the Fluval G FiltersReplace exhausted chemical media for optimum aquarium water qualityDifferent chemical filter cartridges allow custom aquarium filtration Maintain Fluval G filter performance for optimum aquarium water quality. Wide selection of premium-quality replacement filter media allows flexible management of your specific aquarium ...
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