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Ceramic Carbon Filter Media
3 results

BioMate Filter Media Balls

As low as $16.99
Media Balls aerate and increase biological activity in your aquarium Use in wet/dry, canister and corner box filters, or anywhere biological media can be used Advanced design maximizes bacteria growing surface Innovative filter media balls enhance biological activity, aeration, and now, even more. Improved BioMate Solid Balls create the ideal environment for beneficial bacteria to efficiently ...
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Nano Cube Replacement Filter Media

As low as $3.99
Replacement filter media for Nano Cube aquariumsSpecially sized mechanical, chemical, and biological filter media3-stage filtration to help maintain optimum water quality Replacement filter media for Nano Cube aquariums. Specially sized to fit within the Nano Cube filtration system for optimum filtration and water quality for your aquarium inhabitants. Mechanical Filter Sponge traps detritus ...
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Fluval G Series Advanced Filter Media & Cartridges

As low as $14.99
Biological, chemical and mechanical filter media for the Fluval G Filters Replace exhausted chemical media for optimum aquarium water quality Different chemical filter cartridges allow custom aquarium filtration Maintain Fluval G filter performance for optimum aquarium water quality. Wide selection of premium-quality replacement filter media allows flexible management of your specific ...
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