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Cats Hanging Toys

5 results

Leopard Print Crinkle Tunnel for Cats

As low as $24.99
Crinkle tunnel mimics the paper sack sound cats loveCats will roll, run-through and play inside this tunnelLeopard print outer fabric; neutral plush inner fabric Crinkle tunnel mimics the paper-bag sound cats love. Do you remember the times you brought home groceries, and your cat darted into the first empty bag you unloaded? Likewise, this crinkle tunnel is just the right ...
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Yeke and Circus Scratching Toys for Cats by Bobby

As low as $9.99
Encourage cat claw health with these fun scratcher toys Sisal-wrapping offers an outer texture cats love to scratch Rattle balls bring out kitty's instinctual prey behaviors When your cat is feeling frisky and wants to scratch, these sisal-wrapped toys are a great alternative to furniture and other household surfaces. Thick sisal twine covers every exterior surface, and a rattle ball ...
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Trick or Treat Cat Toy

As low as $4.99
Wall-mount cat toy rewards kitty with her favorite treats as she tugs, swats, and plays Fill the Trick or Treat toy's tube with your cat's favorite small treats, kibble, or catnip pellets Your cat simply bats and pulls on the hanging jingly ball to make morsels drop from tube The Trick or Treat cat toy rewards your cat with her ...
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Catnip Filled Doorknob Bouncer

As low as $3.99
Eco-friendly cat toy made with sustainably grown palm leaf Filled with USA-grown catnip for an aroma that attracts cats Assorted natural or multi colors, plus irresistible textures Send your cat to the tropics - at least for a play session - with Catnip Filled Doorknob Bouncer. Simply hang this bouncer toy from any door handle and watch your cat claw, ...
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Play 'N' Squeak Batting Practice

As low as $5.29
Plush hanging toy is exciting for alone play or bonding with you Toy emits a RealMouse™ squeaking sound that keeps your cat curious Plush toy hangs from inside door with included attachment, or remove for interactive play Bring out the natural hunter in your cat. Batting Practice is a plush mouse-on-a-string you attach to any door to dangle enticingly in ...
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