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Cashel Clothing Accessories
3 results

Cashel Feed Rite™ Bag

As low as $17.96
This tough, terrifically convenient horse feeding bag saves you money on wasted grain, simplifies mealtime for your horse, enables portion control, and keeps other horses from stealing your horse's food. The Feed Rite Bag from Cashel keeps grain at your horse's mouth so he doesn't have to "fish" for grain in traditional containers. He gets more of his food with ...
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The Crusader™ Fly Mask by Cashel

As low as $15.99
Patented one-of-a-kind forelock hole keeps forelock hair outside the mask and out of your horse's eyes Super-soft, form-fitting micromesh cap will not rub and helps the mask stay cool Unique double-dart stitching keeps the mask away from your horse's eyes and temples Protect the soft, sensitive area of your horse's eyes and forehead from flies, sun, and damaging UV rays. ...
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The Quiet Ride™ Fly Mask by Cashel

As low as $19.76
Enjoy your summer rides, even when the flies are out. Sheer and translucent fly protection does not impair your horse's vision while riding. When your horse wears the Quiet One fly mask, it ensures you have a much safer, quieter ride, since your horse will not be constantly tossing his head around to escape nasty flies or other swarming insects. ...
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