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Calcium Natural Salt
7 results

Coralife Marine Salt

As low as $14.99
Scientific-grade marine aquarium salt replicates natural seawater Highly soluble phosphate- and nitrate-free marine aquarium salt Contains all essential major and trace elements for aquarium health Replicate natural seawater chemistry with scientific-grade marine aquarium salt. Coralife Marine Salt is formulated with ingredients of the highest quality with optimal levels of calcium and ...
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Red Sea Coral Pro Salt

As low as $69.95
Coral Pro Salt is specifically formulated for use with reverse osmosis water. Natural, evaporated sea salt is enriched with refined minerals to safely elevate calcium levels and buffer capacity. Replicates natural seawater to help support delicate marine life and invertebrates in home reef aquariums. Salt is produced by small batch process to ensure homogeneity and consistency of the salt ...
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Fluker's Soaking Salt for Hermit Crabs

As low as $2.99
Convenient salt bath to thrive & maintain hermit crab health Contains extra calcium for exoskeleton strength and to assist in molting Provide a source for hermit crab salt requirements Did you know that most hermit crabs require a salt bath to thrive and maintain their health? Hermit crabs use both fresh and saltwater to bathe, drink, and replenish the store ...
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Cichlid Lake Salt

As low as $59.18
Allows your Rift Lake Cichlids to grow and thrive in your aquarium. This blend of inorganic salts is designed to replicate the natural waters of these cichlids. Contains all essential elements, such as magnesium, calcium, sodium, and potassium. Plus, includes trace elements such as iron, manganese, and iodide. Contains no harmful or unnecessary ingredients such as nitrate, phosphate, or ...
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Tropic Marin Sea Salts

As low as $18.99
Contains ALL 70 trace elements found in natural seawater, in the exact proportions found in nature All elements are completely soluble due to the use of the mixed-crystal method Free of nitrate, phosphate, and other unwanted chemicals Made from pure, pharmaceutical grade salts Each grain contains the exact mix of 70 trace elements found in natural saltwater. Unique production process ...
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Instant Ocean & Reef Crystals Synthetic Sea Salt

As low as $53.99
Instant Ocean Quality synthetic sea salt simulates natural seawater for thriving marine aquariumsProvides marine fish, invertebrates, and plants the necessary major, minor, & trace elementsInstant Ocean synthetic sea salt - the trusted choice of aquarists for over 40 years Instant Ocean synthetic sea salt simulates natural seawater for thriving marine aquariums. Developed through ...
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Quick Change Liquid Salt Concentrate

As low as $9.99
Premium salt pre-dissolved in a liquid concentrate for use in marine, reef, or brackish aquariums Mix Quick Change Liquid Salt Concentrate with fresh water to produce instantly stable saltwater Contains essential major, minor, and trace elements, plus extra magnesium and calcium Quickly, easily make and change saltwater in your marine, reef, or brackish aquarium. Quick Change Liquid Salt ...
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