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Caitec Wooden Blocks Toys
8 results

Paradise Fireworks Bird Toys

As low as $6.99
Exciting interactive toy engages your bird's senses & instincts Paper, corn husk, wooden blocks provide preening & chewing fun Hanging bird toy also makes a perfect swinging perch Light the fuse on an explosion of fun when you hang a colorful Fireworks toy in your bird's cage. Shreddable paper flames, a woven cornhusk perching tube, colorful wooden blocks for chewing, ...
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Party Cubes Shredding Toys

As low as $2.99
Triple the fun means small pets stay active and mentally fit. Party Cubes Shredding Toys for Small Pets feature tough, food-grade chipboard boxes with creative cutouts that tempt small pets to dig in and pull at the shredded paper streamers inside. Colorful wooden blocks add a chewing challenge to keep small pets happily occupied. For enriching foraging activity, simply open ...
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Natural Stencil Blocks Bird Toy

As low as $2.09
Wooden posts with fun, naturally-colored stencils Perfect shredding toy for Conures to Amazons! Food grade chipboard sleeves are replaceable Finally, a shredding toy that lasts, appropriately channeling your bird's shredding instincts. Chewable white pine posts are covered with food grade chipboard, each with stencil cutouts for your bird to tear off. The best part? When your bird does tear ...
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Paradise Corrugated Stack Bird Toy

As low as $3.99
Hang this fun Corrugated Stack bird toy and watch the fun begin! Sisal rope, cardboard disks, and wooden blocks offer hours of chewing and shredding entertainment. Your bird will enjoy the variety of colors and textures this toy provides. Plus, tuck some treats/seeds into the corrugated paper to create a fun foraging challenge! Recommended for Parakeets to Conures. 12" x ...
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As low as $33.99
Hanging wooden bird toy for Conures to AmazonsGenerous assortment of wooden toy pieces and cotton rope for hours of bird funHanging bird toy offers engaging activities to alleviate bird boredom like screaming and feather picking Dangling curtain of toys keep caged birds occupied. Colorful wood blocks and natural wood pieces are strung together with sisal and cotton rope for layer ...
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Supreme Cotton Tower Blocks

As low as $3.49
Colorful wood blocks with Supreme Cotton rope inserted into holes Lets your bird climb without getting his toes tangled Holes are drilled into blocks so you can fill them with favorite snacks for foraging Enrich your pet bird's life with a special toy he can climb or preen. Sturdy, colorful wooden pillar is filled with holes stuffed with knots of ...
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Hippie Beads

As low as $47.99
Hanging beaded curtain of wooden toy pieces for Macaw parrots Loaded with colorful wooden beads for fun bird activities Hanging bird toy engages birds and alleviates bird boredom Colorful curtain of wooden bead pieces help prevent bored caged birds. Wood beads and blocks are strung together with cotton rope to create layers of chewing, climbing, and exploring fun. Parrots will ...
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Wooden Blocks

As low as $9.99
Assortment of wooden pieces lets you build your own bird toys Variety of sizes and shapes piques any parrot's playful interest Colored with fun nontoxic, bird-safe, vegetable-based dyes Every bird has its own unique personality. That's why we've put together a superior selection of bird accessories and play things to allow you to build just the right toy for your ...
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