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Caged Birds Refill Toy
7 results

Surprise Box Toys

As low as $6.99
Hanging foraging toys for boredom-busting bird activities Refillable paper boxes surprise birds with extra shredding fun Engaging bird toys enrich cage time for parakeets and Conures A trio of treat-filled boxes graces each of these party-style bird toys. Give your bird the challenge of retrieving the sea grass, palm fiber, and confetti paper from the paper-mache covered boxes. Circular Swing ...
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Calypso Creations Confetti Kazoo Bird Toy

As low as $7.99
Engaging bird toy stuffed with bright paper to preen & dismantle Bundled, refillable coconut fibers provide natural material for nest building Perfect size for small to medium size birds to shred, pluck, preen & unravel Give your bird a fun kazoo to play with! Bundled, refillable coconut fibers satisfy natural preening and plucking urges while providing natural material for nest ...
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Natural Stencil Blocks Bird Toy

As low as $9.09
Finally, a shredding toy that lasts, appropriately channeling your bird's shredding instincts. Chewable white pine posts are covered with food grade chipboard, each with stencil cutouts for your bird to tear off. The best part? When your bird does tear off a stencil, simply replace with optional Refills again and again! Toy consists of 8 white pine blocks, each 1-1/2" ...
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See Saw Forager Bird Toy

As low as $13.99
Engage your bird's intellect and foraging instinct for hours Spring-loaded bird toy ideal for peanuts or other large nuts Easy-clean polycarbonate bird toy withstands active daily play Boredom-busting bird puzzle challenges even determined problem-solvers. See/Saw Forager Bird Toy is a second generation foraging device that'll have you wondering if your bird has what it takes to puzzle out ...
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Go-Nuts Toys

As low as $15.99
Refillable foraging toy made of durable vegetable leather and cotton Place delicious treats like peanuts or almonds inside Entice your bird into challenging activity that rewards and prevents boredom The perfect cage companion for birds that like to forage treats and untie knots. This toy's thick leather patches are laced together with leather and cotton strips. Your bird will use ...
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Treat Cage Bird Toy

As low as $29.99
Turn your bird's playtime into an interactive experience Challenging and stimulating twist to ordinary bird toys Never the same toy twice - change contents as often as you wish to keep your bird interested Turn playtime into "food for thought" by slipping toys and treats inside these puzzle cages. Stainless steel cages are chew-proof and clean easily. Add your bird's ...
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Supreme Cotton Tower Blocks

As low as $5.99
Colorful wood blocks with Supreme Cotton rope inserted into holes Does double duty to let your pet preen or climb Holes are drilled into blocks so you can fill them with favorite snacks for foraging Enrich your pet bird's life with a special toy he can climb, preen, or chew. Sturdy, colorful wooden pillar is filled with holes stuffed with ...
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