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Beautiful Garden Outdoor Decor

5 results

Pond Boss Lit Container Fountain Kit

As low as $32.99
All-in-one kit for creating a container fountain in under 30 minutes Transform any decorative watertight container into a water feature Bright beautiful LED lights let you enjoy your water fountain at night Container water gardening made easy! Pond Boss Lit Container Fountain Kit comes with everything you need to turn your favorite planter or decorative container into an elegant water ...
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Solar Floating Lily by Smart Solar

As low as $49.95
Solar-powered water fountain inspired by natural pond lily pad Decorative solar water fountain runs on free, bright sunlight Add a fun, floating water fountain in ponds or water gardens Give your pond a simple, eco-friendly makeover. The decorative Solar Floating Lily Fountain requires no wiring and no operating costs for a smart way to beautify your pond. In just minutes, ...
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World's Coolest Rain Gauge

As low as $44.95
Practical and fun rain gauge is highly visible so you can see how much it's rained from across the yard Gorgeous and functional gauge for rain is made of solid copper, powder-coated steel, and polycarbonate Frost- and freeze- resistant gauge for measuring rain means all-season durability Simple, yet gorgeous and functional rain gauge measures rainfall, heavy dew, or mist to ...
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Aquascape® Lazy Frog on Lily Pad Spitter

As low as $63.98
Whimsical accent piece perfect for ponds & container water gardens Add personality to your water feature while adding water movement Kit comes complete with pond spitter, pond water pump and tubing Froggie says relax! Aquascape Lazy Frog on Lily Pad Spitter wonderfully captures what all pond-owners desire most - relaxing and enjoying the beauty and tranquil sounds of a water ...
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Kasco Group Aerating Fountains

As low as $1,174.05
Powerful aerating fountains for ponds, water gardens, and water featuresCreate a beautiful fountain display while adding vital oxygen to the waterOxygenate pond water for healthier fish and better biological filtration Powerful, professional fountain systems enrich ponds and water features with vital oxygen. These decorative aerating fountains eliminate stagnant, oxygen-poor areas while ...
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