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Battery Operated Toy
7 results

Doggie Bag Toy

As low as $16.99
Motion-activated Doggie Bag interactive dog toy makes a great gift for any dog who enjoys chasing and batting toys Wacky dog toy wiggles, laughs, and barks on its own, keeping your dog pouncing, chasing, and hopping Battery-operated interactive dog toy perfectly blends exercise, entertainment, and intrigue Wacky fun awaits your dog this holiday season and beyond! The motion-activated Doggie ...
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FroliCat™ Bolt and Dart Laser Cat Toys

As low as $17.99
Unleash your kitty's inner tiger with the unpredictable "prey" emitted from these innovative toys. Battery-operated toys entice cats to bat, paw, pounce, and flip over the random laser dot movement. Set Bolt on the floor, table or other flat surface and play one of two ways. Use the automatic setting, in which the motor generates the laser's movement. Or, shine ...
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Mystery Motion Cat Toy

As low as $20.79
Your cat's brain is hardwired to respond to erratic movements - just like those delivered by Mystery Motion. This cat toy replicates the darting and dashing of real prey to get your cat up off the sofa and playing. The erratic movement of Mystery Motion's concealed feather toy keeps your cat guessing (like when you place your hand under a ...
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Pure Commotion Cat Toy

As low as $22.99
Bring your cat out of hiding for exciting play using the Pure Commotion electronic cat toy. Its battery-operated base controls a flexible plastic wand with feather dangler that flutters and flips elusively to mesmerize your cat. Pure Commotion is the ideal cat toy for busy owners because it can be programmed for up to two hours of continuous play. In ...
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Doggie Tail Interactive Dog Toy

As low as $11.49
Wacky, interactive fun for your dog! The motion-activated Doggie Tail dog toy wiggles and barks to keep your dog guessing and chasing as he tries to catch this moving target. The poly "fur" bag with battery-operated moving ball inside offers your dog hours of fun playtime - ideal for any dog who enjoys chasing and batting toys. Your dog need ...
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Talking Babble Balls

As low as $6.99
Wonderfully innovative, interactive ball that makes noises and calls out wisecracks whenever your dog touches it. All dogs adore balls and this rolling toy blurts out cheeky phrases like "grrrrrr!" "woof woof woof", "oh no! " and nearly 20 more phrases in a hilarious voice every time your dog nudges or rolls it. Babble Ball will drive your dog bonkers ...
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As low as $25.95
Innovative cat toy continuously flings a long, colorful string in your choice of two speeds It's like having a purrsonal trainer for your cat This tantalizing toy entices even the laziest of cats and improves paw-eye coordination Winner of Cat Fancy's Editor's Choice Award and Backer Show's Best New Product Challenge your cat to catch the constantly moving string on ...
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