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Aquatic Plant Care
4 results

Tetra Pond LilyGro™

As low as $9.99
Feed your plants for beautiful water gardens! Maximize color, growth, and promote strength with aquatic plant fertilizer tablets. Formulated for regular use during season for lilies and other potted aquatic plants. Minimizes release of chemicals and nutrients that would encourage algae growth. Easy to insert into planting medium. Suitable for ponds containing fish when used as directed. 75 ...
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Laguna Plant Grow Fertilizer Spikes

As low as $89.99
Easy-to-use pond plant fertilizer for healthy plant growth Slow release pond plant fertilizer means no-hassle feeding for a whole year Great for pond plant color and growth without affecting water quality These once-a-year spikes help maximize the size and color of your aquatic pond plants. Well-balanced, 16-9-12 feeding formula has low phosphorus and no copper, so it won't impact pond ...
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Microbe-Lift Concentrated Aquatic Planting Media

As low as $11.96
Kiln-fired, 100% natural montmorillonite clay perfect for container plants, marginal plants, bog areas, and wildlife ponds. Neutral pH pebbles retain oxygen, contain beneficial live bacteria, and contain no algae-promoting nutrients, fertilizer, compost, peat or pesticides. Helps absorb excess alkalinity or acid in your pond water - won't break apart or float. Please click on "More ...
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PondCare Aquatic Planting Media

As low as $22.99
Easy to use and mess-free potting media encourages healthy aquatic plant growth. Unique blend of natural zeolite removes excess nutrients from pond water and concentrates them in the plant root zone without leaching. Securely holds plants in pots so plants can form strong root systems. Will not dissipate, cloud water, clog pump/filters, or alter pH. Recommended for all potted aquatic ...
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