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Aquatic LED Fish Lighting

Maxspect Mazarra P Series LED Module

As low as $14.99
Explore LED customization you never thought possible - without breaking your budget. The elegantly styled AND competitively priced Maxspect Mazarra P Series LED Module is the answer for any aquarium hobbyist who wants more. Personalize this amazing high performance LED aquarium lighting system to your specific lighting needs whether its intensity control, LED color, wireless control, mounting ...
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Current USA Freshwater Flexible LED Strip Lights

As low as $53.99
Latest LED technology for freshwater aquarium hobbyists means easy upgrades in minutes. Current USA Flexible LED Strip Lights with adhesive backing easily retrofits onto light fixtures or canopies for enhanced LED aquarium illumination with dynamic lighting effects in just minutes! Enjoy amazing LED upgrade without having to replace existing aquarium light fixtures. Current USA Freshwater ...
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PAR38 LED Aquarium Lamp

As low as $94.05
If you can screw in a light bulb, you can enjoy upgraded LED aquarium lighting. ecoxotic PAR38 LED Aquarium Lamps apply state-of-the-art light emitting diode technology to standard socket platform for extremely easy lighting upgrades. Innovative PAR38 LED lamps fit a wide variety of aquarium light fixtures that employ standard E26/E27 screw-in sockets. In just seconds, your aquarium will ...
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Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Fixtures

As low as $99.99
Showcase gorgeous freshwater fish with brilliant customizable LED lighting. Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Fixture employs popular, energy-efficient LED technology to develop a complete fixture just for freshwater aquatic environments. Plug-and-play LED light fixture features scores of super bright 6500K white LEDs and dozens of rich 445nm blue LEDs for amazing custom color temperature ...
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AquaticLife 3.0W Marine LED Light Fixture

As low as $499.99
Expert series LED fixture designed to grow corals at depth up to 30" High output CREE LEDs produce high PAR levels with low-energy use White, Blue, Royal Blue & Red CREE LEDs provide optimum lighting for marine aquariums Multiple 3W CREE LEDs produce high PAR levels for coral growth even at a depth of 30". Aquatic Life 3.0W Marine LED ...
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Current USA TrueLumen LED Strips

As low as $12.99
Design your aquarium with light using easy-to-install LEDs. Current USA TrueLumen LED Strips offer a simple upgrade solution that delivers amazing light effects without the fuss or expense. These truly amazing LED strips employ high-output, power LED chips that emit brilliant wavelengths of light. Replicate the natural shimmering effect and rippling glow of the sun or moon even in hard ...
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AquaticLife 0.5W LED Expandable Freshwater Fixtures

As low as $74.99
Link up to four LED fixtures for brighter freshwater aquarium lighting options! Complete fixture with built-in reflector evenly diffuses LED light through your freshwater aquarium Power cord with on/off rocker switch for convenient light control Feature-rich customizable LED illumination for your freshwater aquarium Expandable LED aquarium lighting designed specifically for your freshwater ...
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AquaticLife EDGE LED Fixtures

As low as $189.99
Take your aquarium lighting to the next level with EDGE LED Fixtures from Aquatic Life. These easy-to-use fixtures for saltwater or freshwater use offer a host of features that simplify your life and streamline your aquarium lighting. Choose from 3 sleek sizes, each measuring only 1/2" high and 4" wide. EDGE LED Fixtures from Aquatic Life, ideal for both the ...
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LiveAquaria Select Panorama Pro LED Fixture by Ecoxotic for Freshwater Planted Aquariums

As low as $429.99
Brilliant LED lighting designed to support freshwater aquarium plants 6 total 8,000°K White & RGB LED modules optimize aquatic plant growth Application-specific LED lighting from Ecoxotic and Drs. Foster & Smith The professional LED lighting system for planted aquarium enthusiasts has arrived. The collaborative effort between Drs. Foster & Smith AND aquarium lighting innovator Ecoxotic ...
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Hydor LED Aquarium Light

As low as $24.95
Brilliant Light Emitting Diode decorate aquariums with light Enhance aquarium aesthetics with dramatic LED light effects Compact LED light allows discreet placement in your aquarium Decorate your aquarium with brilliant LED (Light Emitting Diode) light effects. Hydor LED Aquarium Light means low energy costs without sacrificing spectacular light effects in your aquarium landscape. Special LED ...
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