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Aquatic Adjustable Lighting
6 results

Current USA Freshwater Flexible LED Strip Lights

As low as $69.99
Remote controlled flexible LED strip lights for freshwater aquariums Enhance existing freshwater aquarium light fixtures with LED lighting Custom retrofit aquarium lighting with Blue+White or RGB+White LEDs Latest LED technology for freshwater aquarium hobbyists means easy upgrades in minutes. Current USA Flexible LED Strip Lights with adhesive backing easily retrofits onto light fixtures or ...
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AquaticLife Marquis Dual-Lamp T5HO Marine Aquarium Light Fixture

As low as $149.99
Dual lamp T-5 fluorescent light fixture for all saltwater aquariums Set built-in digital timer to turn automatically both lamps on & off Dimpled-pattern reflector produces balanced aquarium lighting Dual T-5 light fixture with built-in digital timer delivers brilliant functional lighting great for fish-only or coral reef aquariums. AquaticLife Marquis Dual-Lamp T5HO Marine Aquarium Light ...
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Marineland Aquatic Plant LED Lighting System w/Timer

As low as $159.99
The wait is finally over for freshwater planted aquarists. Marineland Aquatic Plant LED Lighting System w/Timer is the LED lighting solution offering energy-saving benefits and the correct light energy for photosynthesis. A mix of 1 watt 6,500 degreeK LEDs AND 3 watt RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LEDs provide aquarium plants the light they need to thrive. Together with a fully ...
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AquaticLife EDGE LED Fixtures

As low as $124.99
Take your aquarium lighting to the next level with EDGE LED Fixtures from Aquatic Life. These easy-to-use fixtures for saltwater or freshwater use offer a host of features that simplify your life and streamline your aquarium lighting. Choose from 3 sleek sizes, each measuring only 1/2" high and 4" wide. EDGE LED Fixtures from Aquatic Life, ideal for both the ...
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AquaticLife 0.5W LED Expandable Freshwater Fixtures

As low as $74.99
Link up to four LED fixtures for brighter freshwater aquarium lighting options! Complete fixture with built-in reflector evenly diffuses LED light through your freshwater aquarium Power cord with on/off rocker switch for convenient light control Feature-rich customizable LED illumination for your freshwater aquarium Expandable LED aquarium lighting designed specifically for your freshwater ...
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Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Fixtures

As low as $115.99
LED light fixture designed specifically for freshwater aquariums Custom color temperature settings bring vivid aquarium fish to life Wired controller allows dimmable control AND access to dynamic aquarium light effects Showcase gorgeous freshwater fish with brilliant customizable LED lighting. Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Fixture employs popular, energy-efficient LED technology to ...
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