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Aquarium Pharmaceuticals (api) Fish Supplies
5 results

API Quick Start™

As low as $12.99
Live all-natural nitrifying bacteria scientifically proven to prevent "new tank syndrome" Lets you add fish to your fresh- or saltwater aquarium immediately Jump-starts the nitrogen cycle, limits ammonia and nitrite in water, helps prevent fish loss Patented, all-natural Quick Start contains nitrifying bacteria scientifically proven to prevent "new tank syndrome." With Quick Start, you'll add ...
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API Hobbyist Grade Carbon & Ammonia Filter Media

As low as $7.99
Premium chemical filter media removes aquarium pollutants Improve aquarium water quality & clarity Bulk chemical filter media for versatile, custom filtration Ammo-Carb is double chemical filtration for freshwater. An excellent combination of highly activated carbon and zeolite ammonia remover for removing dissolved organics and ammonia. Freshwater use only. Ammo-Chips remove deadly ammonia ...
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Bio Chem Zorb

As low as $89.99
Combination chemical filter media keeps aquarium water healthy and clear Removes dissolved organics, heavy metals, and discoloration Place easy-to-use, flow-through media pouch in any filter Research grade combination chemical filter media in a convenient flow-through nylon pouch. Bio-Chem Zorb contains a variety of research-grade organic scavenger resins, natural ion-exchange resin and ...
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Nitra-Zorb Freshwater Only

As low as $7.99
Chemical filter media for the reduction of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate Rechargeable chemical filter resin for use with new or established freshwater aquariums Use Nitra-Zorb to help reduce fish loss when setting up and cycling new aquariums A water filtration medium composed of natural and synthetic ion-exchange resins. Selectively removes toxic ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. Contains no ...
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Stress Zyme + Water Conditioner

As low as $44.99
Helps keep a naturally balanced aquarium by eliminating sludge build-up & preventing ammonia & nitrite poisoning, low oxygen levels, and low pH. Use when setting up and maintaining an aquarium. Stress Zyme + Water Conditioner is safe for fresh or saltwater fish, invertebrates, and plants. Stress Zyme + Water Conditioner keeps the aquarium cleaner and reduces maintenance. Each teaspoonful ...
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