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Aluminum Hanging Lighting
7 results

Hamilton Bali Sun Single Ended Metal Halide Lighting System with LEDs

As low as $219.99
Pendant-style mogul base metal halide aquarium fixture with LED light Powerful metal halide lighting provides outstanding aquarium illumination Great for coral reef aquariums as well as freshwater planted aquariums Enjoy intense aquarium lighting achieved with powerful metal halide lighting. Hamilton Technology Bali Sun Metal Halide Pendant with LED Lights brings out vibrant coloration and ...
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Zoo Med AquaSun LED HO Aquarium Fixture

As low as $84.99
LED aquarium light fixture with individually replaceable LED modules High output LEDs brilliantly illuminate freshwater & marine aquariums Replace worn LEDs or customize with Light, Daylight, or Plant Modules Never throw away another LED hood again! Zoo Med AquaSun LED HO Aquarium Fixture features an innovative modular design that allows simple and inexpensive replacement of LED modules. High ...
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AquaIllumination EXT Mounting System and Hanging Kit

As low as $64.95
Hanging and mounting options for AquaIllumination LED light fixtures Sleek modular system hangs one or multiple LEDs above your aquarium Use with Hydra, Hydra FiftyTwo, Hydra TwentySix, Vega or Sol LED lights Explore elegant mounting options for your AquaIllumination AI LED lights with the modular AI EXT Rails and EXT Hanging Kit. For an elegant tank-mount option, start with the ...
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Hamilton Technology Cayman Sun HQI System

As low as $239.99
Powerful metal halide HQI light fixture replicates natural sunlight Multi-faceted, mirrored reflector boosts aquarium light output Built-in Moonlight Blue LEDs for nighttime aquarium illumination High-tech reflector design intensifies brilliant metal halide HQI lighting. Hamilton Technology Cayman Sun HQI System brings out the beauty of aquarium inhabitants with the dazzling intensity of ...
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AquaIllumination AI Hydra FiftyTwo LED Module

As low as $549.00
Experience a new level of performance with the latest LED technology delivering unmatched power and control. AquaIllumination AI Hydra FiftyTwo LED Module utilizes 52 LEDs from leading manufacturers in 7 individually controllable colors while drawing a maximum of just 135 watts from the wall. Powerful, energy-efficient LED fixture is priced smart for a true value in high-end LED performance. ...
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Ecoxotic Panorama Pro LED Fixture

As low as $65.55
Sleeker, brighter and lighter Panorama Pro LED modules power this 2nd generation LED fixture. The Ecoxotic Panorama Pro LED Fixture meets hobby demands with higher light output, greater customization and superior LED control - even the intensity! Simple, modular design allows the freedom to adjust just about everything, whether you want to tweak the intensity, light penetration, brightness, ...
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ecoxotic Build Your Own Panorama Pro LED Fixture

As low as $132.05
Modular components for creating custom LED aquarium light fixtures Choose up to nine LED modules to suit your aquarium lighting needs All components sold separately for total control over your aquarium LED design Build a custom Panorama Pro LED Fixture in three easy steps! Ecoxotic Build Your Own Panorama Pro LED Fixture puts you in total control over the design ...
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