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Pondmaster ProLine Hy-Drive Skimmer Pump

As low as $259.99
Submersible skimmer pump with powerful Hy-Drive technology Upright design allows convenient placement in pond skimmer Magnetic/Direct Drive hybrid pond pump delivers reliable performance Innovative pump design ensures powerful performance even in tight spaces. Pondmaster ProLine Hy-Drive Skimmer Pump employs hybrid technology that combines the power of direct drive pumps and the energy ...
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ReeFlo BlowHole Pumps

As low as $199.99
Adjustable speed external aquarium pumps with 3-speed switch FlowThru pump design for performance with very low heat transfer Choose pump flow rates, pressure & watt draw from 3 different settings Dial down the power when you need a delicate touch. ReeFlo BlowHole external pumps let you instantly choose flow rates, pressure and watt-draw from three different settings. Changing speeds requires ...
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Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Flow 10,000 Adjustable Flow 12V DC Prop Pump

As low as $142.18
Make waves without sacrificing power, control, or your aquarium budget! Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Flow 10,000 Adjustable Flow 12V DC Prop Pump streamlines product selection with its powerful 2,640-gph flow rate AND adjustable control. No separate purchase required to control this amazing propeller pump! Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Flow Adjustable Flow 12V DC Prop Pump features an adjustable DC power ...
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Mag Drive Pumps with Fractioning Impeller

As low as $59.99
Budget-friendly magnetic drive pump for fresh or saltwater aquariumsAquarium pump features venturi intake and air-fractioning impellerVersatile use including replacement pump or driving protein skimmers Budget-friendly magnetic drive pumps loaded with enhanced features. These versatile aquarium pumps designed with a special air-fractionating impeller are useful for a wide variety of custom ...
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Tetra Statuary Pump SP 140 for Statuary Fountains

As low as $15.99
Enjoy more savings with this feature-loaded energy-efficient pump. Tetra Statuary Pump SP 140 for Statuary Fountains is a true value with its competitive price point and low operating cost. Energy-efficient submersible pump operates on just 13-watts of power while delivering a 140-gph flow rate. Great for powering self-contained water fountains, statuaries, and small container ponds. Tetra ...
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Aquascape® AquaSurge® PRO Adjustable Flow Pond Pump

As low as $449.99
Remote-controlled adjustable flow pond skimmer filter & vault pump Versatile pond pump delivers powerful, energy-efficient performance Adjustable flow rate allows fine tune control of waterfall and streams Enjoy custom water flow control of waterfalls and streams PLUS powerful, energy-efficient performance. Aquascape AquaSurge PRO Adjustable Flow Pond Pump upgrades the Aquascape AquaSurge ...
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Coralife Super Luft Air Pump

As low as $64.99
Compact, high output air pump for multiple aquarium setups or high-pressure/high-flow devices. Similar in design to larger high-capacity air pumps, these energy-efficient magnetic piston air pumps are perfect for protein skimmers, ozone/oxygen reactors and other aquarium devices. Drives numerous limewood and other airstones, undergravel filters, foam filters, corner filters, air-driven ...
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Atlantic Water Gardens TidalWave Fountain Pump

As low as $24.37
Reliable, energy-efficient fountain pump at a budget-friendly price Adjustable flow rate & high-head heights allows versatile pond uses Sized right for small water features or container water gardens Enjoy reliable, big pump performance in limited space applications. Atlantic Water Gardens TidalWave Fountain Pump boasts a compact, space-saving design without sacrificing quality or breaking ...
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