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Adjustable Aquarium Water Pump
9 results

Sicce Multi Quiet Pumps

As low as $168.32
Quality Italian-made aquarium pumps at a great budget-friendly price Multipurpose aquarium pumps boast cool, quiet, & efficient operation Perfect for hydroponics, freshwater & saltwater aquarium applications Multipurpose aquarium pumps boast Italian quality at a budget-friendly price. Sicce Multi Quiet Pumps are non-neodymium rotor pumps designed for demanding applications. Enjoy cool, quiet, ...
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Hydor Universal Pump (formerly Seltz L)

As low as $49.99
Stretch your dollar! Enjoy exceptional pump performance at a great price! The all-purpose Hydor Universal Pump (formerly Seltz L pump) boasts quality Italian engineering at an exceptional value. Use the Seltz high-performance pump externally (in-line) or internally (submersed) for a wide range of aquarium applications. Versatile pump with adjustable flow control system is suitable for use as ...
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Sicce Voyager Stream Pump Models 2, 3, & 4

As low as $62.85
Highly-adjustable Italian-made aquarium water circulation pump Enhanced directional range optimizes aquarium water movement Manually adjust pump face plate to create 5 different flow patterns Greater range of motion AND adjustable flow patterns ensure optimal aquarium water movement. Sicce Voyager Stream Pump Models 2, 3, & 4 boast amazing Italian-made ingenuity to truly eliminate low-flow ...
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Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Flow 10,000 Adjustable Flow 12V DC Prop Pump

As low as $142.18
Make waves without sacrificing power, control, or your aquarium budget! Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Flow 10,000 Adjustable Flow 12V DC Prop Pump streamlines product selection with its powerful 2,640-gph flow rate AND adjustable control. No separate purchase required to control this amazing propeller pump! Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Flow Adjustable Flow 12V DC Prop Pump features an adjustable DC power ...
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Hydor Pico Evo-Mag Circulation Pump

As low as $19.99
Mini aquarium powerhead loaded with versatile features Use with a timer for custom aquarium water movement Provide beneficial water current in nano aquarium setups Ultra mini powerhead boasts big aquarium features for nano setups. Hydor Pico Evo-Mag Circulation Pump offers a great new way to customize water movement in small nano aquarium systems. Enjoy adjustable flow rate and extreme ...
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Sicce Voyager 1 Stream Pump

As low as $29.23
Italian-made water circulation pump great for nano-reef aquariums Patented unit allows highly customizable aquarium water movement Detachable flow deflector rotates 360° to produce a wave-like effect Patented circulation pump with 4 different adjustable features deliver highly customizable water movement particularly useful in nano-aquariums. Sicce Voyager 1 Stream Pump features a distinct ...
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Lifegard Aquatics Quiet One Pro Pumps

As low as $18.79
Multipurpose utility pump great for fresh or saltwater aquariums New impeller design for quieter operation and a longer life Cooler running for minimum heat transfer to your aquarium Energy-efficient aquarium pump redesigned for quiet, long-lasting use. The popular Quiet One multipurpose aquarium pumps now boast remarkable impeller technology and corrosion-resistant bearings to help ensure ...
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Eheim Compact+ Pump

As low as $180.00
Powerful, adjustable flow rate pump boasts versatile submersible or inline use. Eheim Compact+ Pump delivers reliable German-engineered performance while minimizing energy consumption for an exceptional value. Compact design eases installation and comfortably fits in most aquarium spaces. Eheim Compact+ Pump is the perfect choice for any aquarium project requiring powerful reliable ...
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Eheim Compact Pump

As low as $35.00
Powerful German-engineered adjustable flow rate pump boasts low energy consumption and versatile use for an outstanding value. Eheim Compact Pump features a compact, energy-efficient design that delivers reliable power where space is limited. Fully submersible Compact Pump makes a great powerhead or circulation pump. Attach tubing to the outlet to accommodate a variety of aquarium projects. ...
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