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Activity Center Natural Toy
6 results

Curve Appeal Scratcher

As low as $18.99
Fun activity center for kitty offers multiple surfaces to satisfy the urge to scratch. Petlinks Curve Appeal Scratcher provides a great outlet for natural scratching behavior with multiple surfaces and multiple angles irresistible to cats. Sisal scratch pad provides horizontal scratching surfaces while attractive Cinnamon/Slate carpet lined arch boasts a large scratching surface kitty can ...
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Triangle Teaser Hanging Toy

As low as $5.99
Long-lasting, durable activity center for your bird Keep feather plucking and boredom to a minimum with this fun interactive toy This bird toy is ideal for climbers and heavy chewers. Triangle-shaped wood chews double as steps on a ladder so your bird can enjoy a climbing challenge. Enjoy watching your bird perch, chew, play, and climb upon this quality toy. ...
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Catit Senses Activity Toys

As low as $12.99
Create a senses-stimulating activity center ideal for prey-seeking cats Cat toys boast scratch surface, massage center, catnip aroma and more Cat toys let cats scratch, rub and mark their territory Create a feline activity center that engages all kitty's prey-hunting senses. The Play Circuit track boasts a peek-a-boo enclosure that lets cats see, chase and swat a specially-designed ball. ...
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Super Bird Creations Flying Trapeze Platform Swing Bird Toy

As low as $10.99
Hanging activity center featuring a woven seagrass mat for pet birds Provides pet birds a fun elevated place to swing, chew, climb, & more Comfortable footing accommodates multiple birds or birds with perching difficulties Elevated, hanging activity center appeals to your pet bird's love of height and play. Super Bird Creations Flying Trapeze Platform Swing Bird Toy is a unique, ...
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Fetch It Pets Hootenanay Bird Toy

As low as $6.99
Pet bird toy is a miniature activity center full of multiple play options Fun, playful design keeps pet birds mentally and physically engaged Small pet birds can hang out on the swing perch or cuddle in the hat Call it hootenanny, shindig or hoedown; a good time is certain with this miniature activity center. Fetch It Pets Hootenanay Bird Toy ...
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Fetch It Pets Ring Toss Bird Toy

As low as $8.99
Colorful hanging toy great for pet birds with active play preferences Keep pet birds mentally & physically fit with a variety of play options Pet birds can chew natural vine and wood pieces or swing and climb Transform any cage interior into a festive activity center for UNDER $10! Fetch It Pets Ring Toss Bird Toy instantly enriches any environment ...
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