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Activity Center Macaw Toys
8 results

Drs. Foster & Smith

As low as $13.99
Your bird will twirl, hang, and chew on this brightly colored assortment of wooden pieces. Nontoxic materials provide an appropriate outlet for natural chewing instincts and help condition your bird's beak. Quick link attachment hardware included. Cleans easily with mild soap and water. Measurement Suggested For Center Bell 7" x 11" Conure to Amazon Yes 6" x 25" Amazon to ...
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Topaze Activity Center

As low as $17.99
Wooden block toy ideal for large birdsThick wood pieces are vegetable-dyed for safetyLasts long, even for heavy chewers Hefty bird toy satisfies heavy chewers and big beaks - at a great price. Bright-colored wood pieces are extra thick and vegetable dyed for bird safety. Built with three thick strands of toy pieces, each strand dangling from a single wooden bar. ...
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Shooting Star Tree

As low as $19.99
Christmas tree bird toy entertains larger birds while bringing the holidays into their cageBirds will pull and climb the sliding ornaments and chew the leather strips and wooden starsThe perfect bird-pleasing activity center this holiday Celebrate the holidays with the perfect bird activity center. Birds climb and chew on the wooden stars, dangling from leather strips, on these decorative ...
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Theophile Activity Center

As low as $12.99
Wooden block toy ideal for large birds Thick wood pieces are vegetable dyed for safety Lasts long, even for heavy chewers One of our most solid wooden bird toys, ideal for larger birds with active beaks. Each piece is approximately 1-1/2" thick and 6" wide - stacked top to bottom for extra durability and longevity. Challenge your bird to twist ...
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Rainbow Bridge Activity Center

As low as $28.99
Hanging bird toy attaches at two points - hang from side to side Wooden chew toy helps alleviate cage boredom and condition your bird's beak Your bird can swing and play Hang this exciting toy in your bird's cage and watch him have a "swinging" good time. Brightly colored wooden blocks come in an assortment of shapes like blocks, triangles, ...
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Cactus Bird Toy Activity Center

As low as $39.99
No prickly spikes deter your bird from this "cactus" - just plenty of wood blocks for climbing and paper rope for shredding. The thick wooden blocks are vegetable dyed to provide safe perching and chewing fun. The toy's paper rope challenges your bird to twist, chew and destroy - and when she does destroy it, it's replaceable. Unravel the paper ...
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Wood Pile Bird Toy

As low as $14.99
Stacks of colorful wooden blocks encourage healthy chewing behaviors Hanging bird toy features leather pieces your bird can pick at and untie Pet bird activity center will last and last Well organized stacks of brightly colored wooden pieces will have your bird in a chewing frenzy. Designed to stimulate physically, challenge mentally, and entertain endlessly, this toy will last and ...
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Block Knots Hanging Bird Toy

As low as $8.99
Beguile your bird with distinctive shapes and vibrant colors Individual textures will stimulate mouth and feet activity while encouraging birds to preen and condition beak Available in 4 sizes - for conures to macaws Tough bird toy encourages your bird to untie knots. Thick, colorful wood blocks are strung with sisal and cotton rope for an avian beak workout. Several ...
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