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Acrylic Bird Supplies

8 results

Super Bird® Bagel Forager

As low as $16.99
Foragers at sides let birds work for food or treats Multiple textures, including cardboard, wood, and different plastic shapes Entertains to stop boredom Attract your bird with color and keep her coming back with foraging and chewing opportunities. Thick cardboard "bagel" is a swing, a perch, and a place to comfortably chew. Wooden blocks of different sizes and colors line ...
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Colored Cubes

As low as $24.99
Bird toy trains your bird to identify red, blue, green, and yellow colorsStrengthens you and your bird's bond through fun, interactive playCombine with Teach Box & Bank and Rings Game to progressively train Teach your bird to associate and identify colors. Professional and educational bird toy system promotes interaction and learning with your bird. Acrylic, vibrantly colored boxes feature ...
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Cedar Gazebo Bird Feeder

As low as $49.99
High-capacity feeder for birds made from premium insect and rot-resistant cedar Bird feeder attracts cardinals, grosbeaks, juncos, nuthatches and other birds with mixed seed or black oil sunflower seeds Hopper feeder has extra spacing on bottom platform to accommodate larger birds Combination large-capacity hopper with a bit of a platform for ground feeders feeds many different types of birds ...
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Bamboo Gazebo Bird Feeder

As low as $69.99
8-quart wild bird feeder with solid cross-ply bamboo construction that's 5 times stronger than cedar to resist warping, rotting, or swelling Large capacity feeder attracts a wide variety of wild bird species with less filling Attractive open-concept design accommodates larger wild birds, like cardinals Large capacity feeder boasts outstanding eco-friendly construction for years and years of ...
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Rings Game

As low as $13.99
Bird toy trains your bird to manipulate objects with colors and numbersStrengthens you and your bird's bond through fun, interactive playCombines with Teach Box & Bank and Colored Cubes to progressively train Teach your bird to manipulate objects based on colors and numbers. Professional bird toy system includes four, vibrantly colored sets of six acrylic discs. Each disc easily slides ...
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Teach Box & Bank Bird Toy

As low as $14.99
Bird toy helps train your bird using methods the pros useStrengthen your bond with interactive playTeach your bird to recognize and name colors and shapes Parrots love to grab objects from your hand. This bird toy teaches your bird to grab and drop acrylic coins, on command, into this toy's slotted acrylic bank. Box doubles as a training platform when ...
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TopFlight Select-A-Seed Triple Tube Bird Feeder

As low as $55.99
Adjust the ports of this bird feeder to offer thistle OR mixed seed Twelve feeding ports invite multiple visitors and feed different seeds at the same time Squirrel and weather guard protects feeder New, improved design features dual-use ports you can easily adjust for feeding either mixed or thistle seed. Remove perches to allow cling feeders like nuthatches and woodpeckers ...
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Super Bird Wiggles & Wafers Hanging Bird Toy

As low as $7.99
Colorful bird toy for parakeets & similar or smaller-size pet birds Assortment of acrylic and wood pieces keep pet birds occupied Combat cage boredom with a variety of enriching play activities Color, sound and texture stimulate the senses to chase away birdie boredom. Super Bird Wiggles & Wafers Hanging Bird Toy features a rainbow of brightly colored wood beads, wood ...
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