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Absorbent Dog Pads
5 results

Vet's Best® Oxy Action Floor Protection Pads

As low as $34.99
Housetraining and floor protection pads powered by oxygen fight odors and help you recognize when your dog's urine pH may require veterinary attention. Vet's Best Oxy Action Floor Protection Pads feature pH Check, which causes pads to change color based on the pH level of your dog's urine. A urine pH that is high or low by itself does not ...
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Nature's Miracle No Tracking Absorbent Pads

As low as $19.99
Nature's Miracle No Tracking Absorbent Pads quickly lock fluids in the inner core to keep the upper layer dry and prevent paw tracking. This pad features thin-quilt superior absorbing technology, and holds more than 2 cups of liquid per pad. These pads also feature a revolutionary grass scent and pheromones that attract dogs. The grass scent will also help your ...
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Nature's Miracle™ Scent Release Training Pads

As low as $37.99
Moisture-activated odor control releases a fresh, tropical flower scent when your dog uses pad Pads also feature built-in attractant, super-absorbent polymers, and ammonia-guard odor control Quick-drying technology allows rapid fluid absorption and prevents wet paw tracking Training pads perfect for home or travel use with puppies and small dogs Nature's Miracle™ Scent Release Training Pads ...
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Classic Piddle Pads®

As low as $14.99
Get our top-of-the-line pad for dogs that need extra absorbency or for multiple-dog households. These fast-absorbing pads have multiple layers of protection, including a non-splattering, wicking top sheet. They also give you a leak-proof backing to protect floors, extra heavy absorbent core, and a super absorbent premium polymer additive that absorbs many times its weight in moisture. Piddle ...
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Eco-Care® Dog Training Pads

As low as $16.99
Housetrain your puppy with an eco-friendly pee pad featuring large-capacity absorption. Eco-Care Training Pads are made with 85% recycled material in a process that maximizes the environmental benefits without compromising urine absorption and quality. Advanced-polymer technology converts liquids into gel to prevent leak-through and run-off while also trapping up to 4.5 cups of urine - enough ...
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