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Nutty and Millet Mineral Logs

Nutty and Millet Mineral Logs
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* Colorful mineral log for birds contains minerals such as calcium
* Edible bird toy provides a natural outlet for chewing behavior
* Treat birds to long-lasting activity and a tasty nut or millet reward

Basic Foraging Level

Edible bird toy packed with minerals AND a tasty treat surprise! Mineral Logs from Polly's Pet Products deliver long-lasting activity while providing calcium and other minerals found in the banks of the famous Manu River. Nutty Log is available in 12" and 6" and tempts Amazon to Macaw-size parrots with roasted peanuts and a maple wood core they'll love to chew. 6" Millet Log delights Parakeet to Conure-size birds with delicious millet sprigs and a maple wood core. Assorted colors.

The banks of the Manu River in Peru, South America, are rich with natural mineral deposits. Tropical birds in this region are often spotted consuming these deposits. Now you can bring your pet bird the same natural goodness, in your home, with Polly's Mineral Logs.

Each contains the same minerals found in this natural deposit - minerals that birds need to stay healthy. As your bird works her way through the food treats and minerals, she eventually chews through to the wood core, for a long-lasting, rewarding treat toy.

Please click on "More Information" for ingredients and mineral content.

Feeding for the Cure

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