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Reef Builder

Seachem Reef Builder
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* Powdered buffer for raising alkalinity in marine reef aquariums
* Adds carbonate alkalinity (KH) essential for healthy coral growth
* Contains calcium, magnesium, & strontium to maintain proper reef parameters

Raise and maintain carbonate alkalinity (KH) without impacting pH. Seachem Reef Builder supplies bioactive calcium, magnesium, and some trace elements for corals. Seachem Reef Builder contains time-release ingredients, including chelating agents, to make essential elements biologically available.

To control pH and alkalinity, use, Seachem Reef Buffer, but to promote active growth of corals, use Reef Builder alone, or with Marine Buffer. 300 grams treats 4,800 gallons of saltwater.

Why it's Different
Unlike the competition, Seachem Reef Builder contains calcium, magnesium, and strontium to compensate for the inevitable loss, which occurs when raising alkalinity. It also contains sufficient magnesium to restore magnesium routinely depleted.

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