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Fleece-Trimmed Bell Boots by Shires Equestrian

Fleece-Trimmed Bell Boots by Shires Equestrian
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* Rubber boots protect the front feet from over reaching and other contact
* Black fleece trim helps prevent rubbing on the horse
* Double hook and loop fasteners give them a snug, secure fit


Protect your horse when she over-reaches (back legs come up too far and hit the front heels) with Bell Boots by Shires Equestrian. These durable bell boots offer excellent protection to the heel bulbs of the front feet. They also help protect horses from contact with poles or fences during competitive events or while jumping. If your horse loses shoes in turnout, or finishes a ride with dirt marks, scrapes or bruises on his heels or pasterns, he may benefit from wearing bell boots.

This pair offers solid rubber construction with fleece lining inside the top to prevent rubbing. They secure to the hoof with two sets of hook and loop self-fastening closures for optimal security.

How to Fit Bell Boots
The bottom back rim of the boot should barely brush the ground when the horse is standing on a level surface. You should be able to slide one or two fingers into the top rim of the bell boot between the boot and the pastern.

Offered in M, L and XL sizes.

Pair with horse boots for full leg protection.

Please click on "More Information" for tips on boot selection and chafing prevention.

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