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Aquatic Life XS-UV High Output LED Fixtures

Aquatic Life XS-UV High Output LED Fixtures
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* Expert series high output LED fixtures designed for reef aquariums
* High PAR lighting with near UV LEDs supports vigorous coral growth
* Connect fully programmable fixtures to your computer for custom LED control

Next generation fixture with near UV LEDs produce light designed for vigorous coral growth and color. Aquatic Life XS-UV High Output LED Fixtures employ 400nm Violet and 420nm Actinic Blue LEDs that emit wavelengths close to the Ultraviolet spectrums. The result is high PAR lighting that more closely match what corals naturally receive from sunlight to support coral photosynthesis.

Aquatic Life XS-UV High Output LED Fixtures feature powerful 3-watt Cree and SemiLED LEDs arranged on a large LED mounting area to evenly distribute light and lighting effects throughout the entire aquarium. Interchangeable 80° and 100° lenses lets you easily focus light intensity for deep-water applications.

Included USB cable connects the easy-to-program Aquatic Life XS-UV High Output LED Fixtures directly to your computer. Download software from the Aquatic Life website for complete setup and custom programming of your fixture. Once installed, program up to three independent 24-hour light cycles with up to 18 color combinations and intensities, PLUS cloud cover, lightning storm and lunar light effects. Included remote allows simple, push button access to programmed light cycles and lighting effects to enhance and highlight fish and coral coloration.

NOTE: To properly program the fixture you will need to download the software from the Aquatic Life Website and program the light from a PC (XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8).

Please Note: A PC is required to operate your Aquatic Life 3.0W Marine LED Light Fixture.

Aquatic Life XS-UV High Output LED Fixtures comes with LED Fixture w/ Interchangeable 80° and 100° lenses, Handheld Remote Control, Suspension Hardware (14" Model Only), Aquarium Frame Mounts (34" and 46" Models Only), USB Cable, and Multi-voltage Power Supply.


  • High Output Cree and SemiLED LEDs produce a spectrum of light designed for growing corals Easily adjust light to adapt to changing tank environment by programming up to three independent 24 hour light cycles
  • Up to 18 programmable color combinations are available to enhance and highlight colors of fish and corals
  • Independently control six colored LEDs to tailor lighting to specific needs of tank inhabitants
  • Included remote easily controls multiple light cycle programs and lighting effects
  • Large LED mounting area distributes light throughout the entire aquarium
  • Included suspension hardware makes setup and installation easy without needing to purchase additional parts (14" model only)
  • Built-in durable components with passive cooling allows for quiet operation
  • Interchangeable 80° and 100° lenses can focus light intensity for deep-water applications
  • Cloud cover and lightning storm programs simulate environments that fish and corals are exposed to in nature
  • Connect direct to your computer with the included USB cable to setup and custom program the fixture
  • Downloadable software is available from the web for complete light cycle and color combination programming
  • Blue side accent panels provide a stylish fixture look during operation
  • Front panel indicator vividly displays current operating lighting program
  • Modular components with quick disconnects simplify fixture upgrades and part replacement
  • Automatic multi-input power supply is compatible with both 110v and 220v outlets
  • cULus approved power supply meets the highest quality standards

Model Max LED Wattage Full Dimensions LEDs
34" Fixture
(Mfg# 420310)
181W 38.25" x 14.75 x 6.25" high
(with frame mounts)
50 Total
(12) Cree XTE (White)
(12) Cree XTE (Royal Blue)
(16) Cree XPE (Blue)
(4) SemiLEDs 420nm (Actinic Blue)
(2) SemiLEDs 400nm (Violet)
(4) SemiLEDs 620nm (Red)
46" Fixture
(Mfg# 420311)
246W 50.25" x 14.75 x 6.25" high
(with frame mounts)
75 Total
(18) Cree XTE (White)
(18) Cree XTE (Royal Blue)
(24) Cree XPE (Blue)
(6) SemiLEDs 420nm (Actinic Blue)
(3) SemiLEDs 400nm (Violet)
(6) SemiLEDs 620nm (Red)

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Please click "More Information" for Computer Requirements to access complete programming potential.

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