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Super Feeder w/6-ft Aluminum Pole

Super Feeder w/6-ft Aluminum Pole
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* High-capacity, triple tube feeder lets you offer both nyjer and mixed seed
* Hang OR pole mount - includes both an aluminum pole AND hanging adaptor
* Large, 16" diameter squirrel baffle keeps pesky squirrels out of the seed ports
* Rotating lid with spout makes it easy to fill each of the three chambers

Squirrel Resistant ProductSo many features, you'll quickly see why this feeder is "super". Three large seed tubes let you offer three different varieties of seed. Each feed tube has 3 squirrel-resistant metal ports with perches (9 total). Feeder includes three plastic nyjer ports, too, so you can convert one of the feeding tubes into a nyjer feeder simply by swapping out the three metal ports on that tube.

This feeder can be hung or pole mounted. A 6-ft aluminum pole (1-1/4" dia) is included, as well as a hanging adaptor. A 16" squirrel baffle covers the entire feeder, to keep out thieving squirrels and protect the seed from the elements. To remove the baffle, simply unsnap it from the feeder lid.

The plastic feeder lid is also unique. It features a pour spout that is normally covered by the baffle. When you want to fill the feeder, however, you simply lift off the baffle and rotate the lid so that the spout rests over the top of one of the seed tubes. Then, simply pour seed into that tube. The spout has a generous 2-1/4" diameter for easy, mess-free filling.

The large plastic basin lets larger birds like cardinals perch effortlessly and includes drain holes to keep the seed fresh. Feeder comes fully assembled.

Holds approximately 9 quarts seed (about 3 quarts each tube). 16" dia x 22" high.

Please click on "More Information" for parts list, filling and cleaning.

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