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Continuum Aquatics BacterGen M

Continuum Aquatics BacterGen M
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* Breakthrough high-quality microbial culture for marine aquariums
* Conditions marine aquariums with aerobic and anaerobic bacteria
* Generates effective bacterial populations for improved water quality

Saltwater specific microbial cultures establish and accelerate aquarium nitrification AND denitrification. Continuum Aquatics BacterGen M is a triple action bacterial booster that 1) Provides seed bacteria to quickly establish the nitrogen cycle in new marine aquariums, 2) Provides bacterial cultures to digest leftover food, dissolved organic materials and detritus and 3) Lowers ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, phosphates and organic pollutants.

Continuum Aquatics BacterGen M is a high-quality microbe culture that generates new aerobic and anaerobic bacteria populations while also greatly increasing existing populations of these beneficial bacteria. Improves water clarity and reduces unbeneficial nutrients, particularly ammonia and nitrogen compounds as well as phosphates. Non-sulfur fixing bacterial blend reduces the production of toxic hydrogen sulfide in the system to near zero.

For use in marine (saltwater) aquariums including reef aquariums.

8.5 oz (250 ml) BacterGen M treats up to 1,250 gallons.

The Continuum Aquatics BacterGen M Advantage Unlike many competing products designed primarily for freshwater aquariums that rarely work well in saltwater environments, Continuum Aquatics BacterGen M is specifically designed for marine aquariums. BacterGen M will quickly generate effective bacterial populations in seawater for a cleaner environment for your aquarium inhabitants.

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