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Moving Mirrors

Moving Mirrors
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* Moving parts on this bird toy make it interactive and stimulating creating mental activity for your bird
* Shininess and movement of the mirrors on this toy for birds keeps him interested
* Bright colors on this mirrored toy engages and entertains your bird

Active, moving mirrors captivates your bird and enriches his in-cage time. One central mirror is stationary while four outside mirrors rotate with each curious peck. In his natural habitat, a bird's keen mind, extraordinary sensitivity to the environment, and physical prowess are all utilized for daily activities. Constructed of plastic, this unique toy is designed to stimulate your bird's mind as well as his motor skills, to help keep him vigorous and healthy. This mirrored toy is sure to pique his curiosity and engage him when he's inside his cage. Hardware included for attachment to side of cage. Assorted colors. Recommended for parakeets or smaller birds.

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