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* Hang-on-back aquarium filter with advanced cartridge technology
* Densely-filled filter cartridges makes aquarium water clean and clear
* Feature-packed aquarium power filter boasts quiet, leak-free design

Aquarium PharmaceuticalsAdvanced cartridge technology boosts aquarium water quality and clarity. API SUPERCLEAN Power Filter is a new feature-packed hang-on-back (HOB) power filter designed to ease aquarium success. Innovative three-stage filter delivers customizable mechanical, chemical and biological filtration to ensure superior water quality. Dual water intake design draws water from the surface and deeper in the aquarium to maximize efficient filtration. Quiet, leak-free design. API SUPERCLEAN Power Filter is suitable for freshwater or marine aquariums use. 2-year limited manufacturer's guarantee.

API SUPERCLEAN Power Filter includes bio-media rings and one CRYSTAL Bio-Chem Zorb cartridge densely filled with a unique blend of activated carbon and special adsorption resin to keep aquarium water crystal clear and odor free


Customize your API SUPERCLEAN Power Filter with advanced API filtration solutions (each sold separately)!

Nitra-Zorb Cartridge for freshwater aquariums removes debris, ammonia, nitrites and nitrates to reduce the risk of fish loss. Densely filled to provide even more filtration capacity.

Phos-Zorb Cartridge for freshwater, saltwater and reef aquariums removes debris, phosphates and silicates to eliminate cloudy aquarium water. Densely filled to provide even more filtration capacity.

Bio-Chem Stars biological filtration media for freshwater and saltwater aquariums boasts optimal pore size for growing massive colonies of beneficial bacteria to quickly establish the biological filter.

API SUPERCLEAN Power Filter Features:
  • Adjustable flow rate
  • Easy-open grip on filter cover
  • Built-in cartridge change reminder
  • Quiet, leak-free design
  • Dual water intake
  • Biological Filtration Caddy

SUPERCLEAN Power Filter Recommended Tank Size Max Flow Rate Wattage
Model 5-20 5 to 20 gallons 100 gph 3.1W
Model 30 Up to 30 gallons 130 gph 4.4W
Model 50 Up to 50 gallons 200 gph 4.8W

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