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Aqua Gadget HydroFill ATO Controller and Pump

Aqua Gadget HydroFill ATO Controller and Pump
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* Automatic top off system for replenishing evaporated aquarium water
* Graphite electrodes accurately senses low aquarium water levels
* Optional low-voltage air lift Pump System completes your HydroFill ATO system

Maintain proper aquarium water levels without lifting heavy buckets! Aqua Gadget HydroFill ATO Controller and Pump delivers a new level of precision and ease to automatic top off (ATO) systems. Unlike conventional ATO systems with float sensors, the HydroFill ATO Controller employs electrodes for electronic sensing that takes advantage of aquarium water's conductive properties. The result is precise accuracy, repeatability, and reliable replenishment of evaporated aquarium water. Aqua Gadget HydroFill ATO Controller and Pump each sold separately.

HydroFill ATO Controller features a dual sensor design so you can customize your "High and Low" set points to prevent constant On/Off cycling prone to single sensor design units. Two chemically inert graphite electrodes are housed in each sensor for redundancy and consistent long-term performance even in harsh marine environments. Compact sensors allow discreet placement in nano to full-size aquariums. 1000W, 8Amp/120V pump capacity.

HydroFill ATO Controller for use in freshwater and marine aquarium applications measures 3.35" x 1.18" x 5.12" high. Controller Sensors measure 0.91" x 1.06" x 2.64" high and features dual sensor design with chemically inert graphite electrodes. 6 foot sensor cables. 2-year limited manufacturer's warranty.

HydroFill ATO Pump completes your HydroFill ATO Controller. Industry's first low voltage air lift pump specifically designed for ATO controllers features an output of up to 15 gallons per hour with a maximum 5 foot head height. High performance, external diaphragm pump is self-priming and equipped with a built-in check valve to safeguard against back siphoning. Runs dry safely and is thermally protected against heat build-up. 1/4" barb fitting.

HydroFill ATO Pump measures 3.38" x 2.52" x 5.59" high. Includes a Pump Return Kit with 10 feet of 1/4" diameter silicone tubing, (3) hose clamps, acrylic mounting bracket, and a return pipe. 2-year limited manufacturer's warranty.

Downloadable Innovative Marine Aqua Gadget HydroFill ATO Controller and Pump Instruction Manual PDF.. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or later - get it here for free) Shop all Aquarium Controllers and Monitors.

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