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Educator Extra Sensitive Bark Collar

Educator Extra Sensitive Bark Collar
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* Electronic bark control collar effective for dogs with soft barks
* Train dogs with 4 stimulation levels, tone-only OR Auto Mode
* Beeper warning prior to stimulation allows proper dog training

Made in the USAExtra sensitive BarkLess electronic collar allows proper training of dogs with soft barks. Educator Extra Sensitive Bark Collar shares features of the popular Educator BL100 Barkless E-Collar but is specially designed for howlers, whiners, and soft barkers that do not trigger normal bark collars. Collar features four (4) stimulation levels, tone only, PLUS an Auto-Mode to ease proper training no matter your dogs' size or barking habit.

Educator Extra Sensitive Bark Collar features a small, lightweight receiver (2" x 1.2"x 1.4"; 1.9 ounces) yet provides sufficient stimulation for most dogs. Rechargeable unit is completely waterproof and shockproof to deliver years of reliable, consistent performance. For dogs 5 lbs and larger. Fits necks up to 26".

Includes: Waterproof Collar Unit with Adjustable Nylon Collar, Stainless Steel Contact Points, Lithium Polymer Charge Adaptor, and Instruction Manual.


  • Incorporates Time Delay between stimulation routines
  • ON/OFF function and 5 level stimulation modes
  • LED light to indicate battery levels
  • Employs Li-Po batteries for quick charging (2 hour quick charge)
  • Adaptable to various size dogs
  • Vibration sensor technology is activated by dogs barking only
  • Fully waterproof and shock resistant
  • Employs antibacterial plastic and medical grade contact points to protect your dogs skin from irritation

Why buy an Educator Collar?
Educator Extra Sensitive Bark Collar utilizes a proprietary low-current stimulation technique to humanely condition dogs not to nuisance bark. By setting the stimulation to the correct level, protection barking will continue while unnecessary barking is eliminated. The Auto-Mode feature senses your dog's barking habits and automatically increases the stimulation until the barking has subsided for 10 minutes. These unique features make it the most humane and effective bark trainer available. Unique stimulation technology provides very clean stimulation without the normal head jerking often found with other imported bark collars. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Proudly Made in the USA.

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