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New Era® Catfish Pellets

New Era® Catfish Pellets
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* Soft, sinking pellets are ideal for the delicate mouthparts and barbels of catfish
* Sustainably sourced, natural ingredients produce less waste for better water quality
* Versatile daily diet encompasses one of the largest fish families

New EraNew Era's Catfish Pellets provide a nutritious daily diet for all bottom-feeding catfish. The soft, sinking pellets are ideal for the delicate mouthparts and barbels of catfish and are extremely attractive to species that rely on olfactory senses for locating food. This algae-rich formulation is made with sustainably sourced ingredients in a unique, low temperature, low-pressure process that locks in vital nutrients. Provides a versatile, low-waste diet to encompass one of the largest families of fish. Feed to your Corydoras, Synodontis, Bagrid, Dora, Botia, Dianema, Pimelodus, Brochis and any other freshwater catfish. 1.5 mm pellets.

Feeding Guide
For best results, feed in the late afternoon or evening and remove uneaten food the following morning. Do not overfeed. Store in a cool, dry place. Do not place wet fingers into the pellet container.

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