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Treat Cup Necklace

Treat Cup Necklace
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* Plastic necklace with toy jewelry occupies small pet birds
* Assorted charm jewelry offers birds engaging shapes
* Inexpensive alternative to gold jewelry deters bird mischief

Keep curious birds out of mischief with birdie "bling." Super Bird Creations Treat Cup Necklace Bird Toy offers an alternative for birds intrigued by jewelry. Birds explore and understand their world using their beak and sometimes an expensive gold necklace and jewelry can be the object of interest. Offer birds an acceptable option to prevent awkward situations of accidental damage. Durable plastic necklace features over a dozen assorted charms to keep even the most curious bird occupied and entertained. Tuck a little snack inside the included 1-1/8" diameter treat cup for extra incentive to prevent fly-away. The Super Bird Creations Treat Cup Necklace Bird Toy is recommended for Parakeet to Conure-size birds. 19" plastic chain.

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