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Fluval G Series Premium Filter

Fluval G Series Premium Filter
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* Ultra-advanced aquarium canister filter with electronic monitoring system
* New concept in aquarium filtration features easy, top-load media cartridges
* LCD shows pump performance, conductivity and aquarium water temperature

Fluval Ultra-advanced aquarium filtration for a new generation of aquarists. Revolutionary canister filter takes convenience to a new level with truly innovative features AND smart technology. Powerful canister filter boasts unparalleled performance and versatility PLUS electronic LCD monitoring of filter function and water quality parameters (water temperature and electrical conductivity). Electronic self-diagnostic system continuously monitors water flow through the unit and features an alarm system that alerts user when parameters deviate from an acceptable range. Programmable schedule reminder helps you keep on top of filter maintenance.

Say good-bye to cumbersome layered media baskets and their mess! Canister filter maintenance is dramatically streamlined thanks to compartmentalized three-stage filtration. Both mechanical and chemical filter cartridges are independently accessible thanks to their cutting edge top-load cartridge design. High-capacity pleated mechanical filter cartridge traps significantly more suspended debris than conventional mechanical filter foam. Reusable chemical filter cartridge can be filled with your favorite chemical filter media OR purchase an extra Chemical Cartridge to treat water with specialized media of your choice for short durations. Large-capacity biological media baskets (2 in G3, 3 in G6) house Fluval G Bio-nodes, a high-porosity ceramic bio-media capable of accommodating billions of nitrifying bacteria crucial for efficient biological filtration.

Fluval G Series Premium Filter is ideal for freshwater or marine aquariums. Each G3 and G6 Filter includes: Mechanical prefilter cartridge, chemical cartridge filled with Fluval activated carbon, G-Nodes, 10 ft hosing, 2 cross rim assemblies, 2 rim attachments, telescopic intake with intake strainer, 1 output nozzle and extension and 2 spray bar attachments, AquaStop system, quick start guide, and instruction manual on CD.

Dimensions Filter
G3 40-80
9.8" x 9.8" x
9.7" high
185 gph 365 gph 0.6 gallons/
2.36 L
G6 80-160
9.8" x 9.8" x
12.8" high
265 gph 665 gph 1.0 gallons/
4.0 L


  • Stylish, space-saving cubic design
  • Enormous filtration capacity
  • Push button instant priming system
  • AquaStop valve disconnect system
  • Convenient aquarium rim attachment system
  • Adjustable clog-proof intake strainer
  • Dual return options (dual output nozzle or spray bars)

Replacement and additional G Series cartridges sold separately.

*Please note: Nitrate Cartridge and Tri-Ex Cartridge is for use with freshwater aquarium applications only.

Downloadable Fluval G Series Premium Filter Instructions PDF and Fluval G Series Premium Filter Quick Start Guide PDF.
(Both require Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or later - get it here for free)

Please click on "More Information" for cartridge maintenance information.

High-tech canister filter boasts innovative never-seen-before features
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