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Vita Prima Parakeet Formula

Vita Plus Parakeet Formula
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* Delicious diet for budgies and parakeets contains balanced nutrients and essential amino acids
* Parakeet food addresses skin, feather, immune system, and digestive health
* Diet for budgerigars contains guaranteed levels of DHA, the Omega-3 powerhouse

Perfected daily diet for parakeets and budgerigars (budgies). This diverse seed-based diet contains dried egg and other ingredients designed to meet the energy and protein needs of the parakeet. The addition of vitamins and minerals not normally found in a straight seed diet, promotes colorful feather growth and ensures the overall health and well being of your pet bird. This colorful diet contains tropical fruits and carrots rich in Vitamin A, and is fortified with added calcium, necessary for all life stages. It also contains other vitamins and minerals, probiotics to support digestive health, antioxidant nutrients to for immune support, and Omega-3 fatty acids to support the normal lustrous condition of skin and feathers.

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Promote colorful feather growth and overall health!
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