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Nu Hoof & Coat Supplements by Select the Best

Nu Hoof & Coat Supplements by Select the Best
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* Nutritional equine supplements add coat luster and strengthens hooves
* Convenient feed additives easily mix with daily grain ration for simple use
* Formulated with direct-fed microbials to aid digestion for your horse

Improve your horse's coat and hooves. Scientifically-formulated nutritional equine supplement melds beneficial biotin with vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids for hair and hoof health. Helps repair damage and promote new growth. Easily top dress or mix with daily grain ration. Each includes appropriate measuring scoop for easy use. Nu Hoof Maximizer contains 30 mg of biotin, 2000 mg lysine, and 1800 mg of sulfur-rich methionine, as well as amino acids, multi-vitamins, and direct-fed microbials, for optimal hoof growth. Simply feed one scoop per day. Convenient 5 lb bucket feeds one 1,000-lb horse for 120 days. Nu Image combines riboflavin, folic acid, zinc, and more into the biotin-rich mix for healthy, lustrous coats, manes, and tails. Start with two scoops daily over three days and then switch to one scoop daily thereafter. 10 lb bucket lasts a 1,000 lb horse 170 days. For horses.

Please click on "More Information" for use instructions, ingredients, and guaranteed analysis.

Biotin-rich for healthy horse coats and hooves!
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