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Algae Removal Kit

Foster & Smith Aquatics Algae Removal Kit
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* Three essential products for effective aquarium and algae maintenance
* Maintain clear, healthy aquarium water with minimal effort
* Specially selected algae removal kit saves you time and money

Convenient algae removal kit helps maintain clear, healthy aquarium water. Great for persistent algae in any freshwater aquarium - even aquariums with live plants. Specially selected items tackle aquarium and algae maintenance in the most effective fashion. Algae on glass or acrylic has no chance against the 10" Acrylic Algae Scrubber. Multipurpose Foster & Smith Aquatics PhosPure® Pad can be cut to custom fit any filter to boost chemical filtration to remove pollutants and excess nutrients. Plus, a few drops of AlgaeFix control algae and keep your water clear.

Includes: 10" Acrylic Algae Scrubber, 4 oz AlgaeFix, and 7-1/2" x 10-1/2" x 1/2" thick Foster & Smith Aquatics PhosPure® Pad.

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