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CaribSea Arag-Alive

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* Functional and beautiful aragonite substrate for all types of marine aquariums
* Contains millions of beneficial marine bacteria to enhance biological filtration
* Choose the style that's right for your particluar marine aquarium setup

CaribSeaBeautiful marine substrate packed with millions of heterotrophic, autotrophic, and chemolithotrophic bacteria. Huge beneficial bacteria population aids in waste reduction and dramatically reduces cycling time in new setups. Use alone or to kick-start existing substrate bed. Arag-Alive is specially egineered to supress "new tank syndrome" and compress the ammonia cycle. It's like having a nitrite and nitrate filter, ammonia reducer, and a high-capacity biological filter for your marine aquarium. Includes Bio-Magnet clarifier to clear water fast and enhance biological efficiency. Arag-Alive marine substrates contain aragonite, a source of calcium, carbonate, and beneficial trace elements to, naturally maintain proper pH without the constant addition of chemicals.

Contains more surface area for bacterial adhesion: approximately 20,000 square inches per cubic inch for unsurpassed performance in reducing nitrate, nitrite, and ammonia. Never needs to be replaced and works with natural bacteria to enhance performance over the full life of your aquarium.

Lowest in phosphate and does not contain tar, harmful organics, silica, or other impurities. Used by the foremost public aquariums, research and government institutions, and professionals worldwide.

Fiji Pink Sand
0.5-1.5 mm; available in 20 lb water packed bag

Special Grade Sand
1.0-2.0 mm; available in 20 lb water packed bag

Indo-Pacific Black Sand
0.2-5.0 mm; available in 20 lb water packed bag

Hawaiian Black
0.25-3.5mm; available in 20 lb water packed bag

Please click on "More Information for detailed descriptions of formulas available.

Arag-Alive is chemical and preservative free - No heavy metals!
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