Dog Grooming and Bathing: Rinse Ace Three Way Pet Sprayers
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Rinse Ace 3-Way Pet Sprayers

Rinse Ace 3-Way Pet Sprayers
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* Easy-to-connect and use pet sprayers streamline pet bathing
* Three-setting sprayer simplifies rinsing off your dog's coat
* Choose Faucet or Shower Sprayer based on where you bathe your dog

Three-setting sprayers put effortless pet grooming in the palm of your hands. Rinse Ace Three Way Pet Sprayers are your money-saving solution for easy, at-home grooming/bathing. Easy-to-use sprayers provide professional control for a thorough rinse and enhanced bathing experience for pets. Simply turn sprayer face to select Gentle, Pulsating or Concentrated water flow for optimal rinsing. Easy-glide toggle lever lets you adjust from light to full water flow or put it on "Pause" to conserve water during shampoo. Raise toggle lever to restore water flow for rinsing. Ergonomic sprayer measures 6" long with a 2" diameter spray face to fit comfortably in your hand. Includes 8 ft hose, chrome plastic connection adapter and Teflon® tape.

Shower Sprayer converts your home shower into a private pet grooming salon. Enclosed diverter-style connector easily installs between the shower pipe and your existing showerhead. Maintains routine use of your shower while allowing quick connection to Shower Sprayer hose on your dog's bath day. Great for dogs of all sizes and perfect for dogs that love to bathe indoors.

Versatile Faucet Sprayer transforms any indoor or outdoor faucet into a pet showering station. Enclosed aerator-style connector allows use with most bathroom or kitchen faucets for convenient indoor use. Attach Faucet Sprayer hose directly onto spigots or garden hoses for alfresco pet bathing. Great for small to medium size dogs when used indoors and perfect for dogs of all sizes that love to bathe outdoors.

Enjoy the best bathing experience for your pet with essential pet bathing accessories. Rinse Ace Bathing Tethers secure onto tub or shower walls with powerful suction cups to keep your hands free for added convenience when bathing your dog. Extra Large Microfiber Towel absorbs seven times its weight in water to dry wet pets faster to minimize chills or discomfort after bath time.

Setting (indicated by icon) Great for
Gentle Soft, full body drenching spray
Pulsating Deep down massaging spray
Concentrated Invigorating power spray

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