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Bio-Balls Biological Media

BioBalls Biological Pond Media
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* Innovative filter media design maximizes pond biological filtration
* Achieve a healthier pond environment using less bio-filter media
* Great for pond filtration systems with limited space for extra media

CoralifeOptimize biological filtration in your koi pond or water garden. Versatile, space-saving Bio-Balls efficiently process more harmful organic materials for a healthy pond environment. The secret is their unique, geometric design that dramatically increases surface area to cultivate more beneficial bacteria. One gallon of Bio-Balls has a surface area of approximately 21-1/2 square feet. Safely maintain larger biological loads in ponds with relatively smaller filter areas. Place in pond waterfall filters to improve biological filtration. Each Bio-Ball measures approximately 1 inch. Use one gallon per 45 to 60 gallons of water.

Please click on "More Information" for Frequently Asked Questions regarding biological filter media.

Efficient space-saving biological media
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