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Algae Scrapers

Algae Scrapers
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* Multipurpose, 3-in-1 tool simplifies aquarium maintenance
* Reversible scraper tool is safe for glass or acrylic aquariums
* Detachable heads include scraper, shovel, and aquarium polisher

Make the most of these handy tools to simplify aquarium maintenance! Magical Cleaning Rod, is three of the most important aquarium cleaning tools in one convenient wand. Choose from 14", 22", or 34" handle lengths to clean even the deepest aquariums without getting your hands wet. Interchangeable heads include a planting shovel, curved polisher for bowfront tanks, and a two-sided scraper tool safe for either glass or acrylic. Cushioned grip and sturdy plastic rod make this a tool you can use for years. Replacement Scraper and Glass Polisher also sold separately.

Note: To clean acrylic, be sure to use the acrylic end of the scraper, not the metal end.

Maneuverable 8" Hand-held scraper includes detachable metal blade (glass only) and acrylic-safe blade.

Short: 14" long
Medium: 22" long
Long: 34" long
    Replacement Parts:
Scraper: 3" x 1/2"
Glass Polisher: 3" x 2-1/4"
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