Aquarium Maintenance Tips
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Aquarium Maintenance Tips Aquarium Maintenance Tips
Consistent, thorough maintenance is vital to the ongoing health of your aquarium and its inhabitants. The right supplies in your aquarium "toolbox" can streamline and simplify the process of cleaning your aquarium and replacing or upgrading parts when necessary.

Clean Carefully, Clean Often
You can easily keep algae from becoming a permanent fixture in your aquarium with regular cleaning. Remove unsightly algae with scrubbers and scrapers. The Mag Float, with its clever magnetic design, lets you scrub away algae without ever getting your hands wet.

Suggested Products:
Mag Float: Easily wipes away algae while keeping hands dry.
Aqueon Aquarium Water Changer: Simplify gravel cleaning and water changes with the Python No Spill Clean N' Fill.
Gloves: Cleaning is more comfortable with disposable gripper sleeve gloves.
Mr. Sticky's Underwater Glue: Repairs leaks and works both in and out of water.
Aqua Timer: Stay on top of aquarium maintenance - beeps when service is due.
Keeping substrate/gravel clean and free of detritus may seem a daunting task, but efficient filters and gravel cleaners simplify and speed the process like never before. The Python No Spill Clean N' Fill attaches effortlessly to your faucet to drain, clean, and fill your aquarium. You'll easily change water and wash gravel while minimizing disturbance to fish.

No aquarium cleaning regimen is complete without a sturdy bucket and an assortment of nets to skim away surface debris and catch fish. If you prefer dry hands and arms during cleaning, invest in a pair of Heavy Duty Aqua Gloves. Or, use tongs or grabber to reach items on the aquarium bottom.

Of course, don't forget to check your filters during each water change, and replace media according to manufacturer's guidelines.

Stay Prepared for Unexpected Repairs
It's always wise to keep an assortment of parts and tools - clamps for flexible tubing, Mr. Sticky's Underwater Glue, and Teflon® tape - on hand should something unexpectedly leak.

Regular maintenance goes a long way in ensuring a functional, vibrant, and thriving aquarium. Be sure to keep a schedule - the Aqua Timer is ideal to help you avoid aquarium emergencies no matter how busy your schedule.

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