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Aquarium Builder: How to Select Proper Aquarium Equipment & Supplies
How to Select Proper Aquarium Equipment & Supplies
An aquarium is an ideal way to bring colorful aquatic life into your home. Watching fish swim, feed and interact is not only relaxing; it's also entertaining and educational for everyone in your home.

Behind every beautiful aquarium is a properly selected assembly of aquarium equipment. They work together to create a healthy, thriving aquatic environment. Advances in technology have streamlined aquarium equipment and care in a way that makes the hobby easier and more affordable than ever before.

Selecting the right equipment for a tropical fish aquarium may seem complicated. However, it's not as hard as it may seem, as long as you approach it in a systematic fashion. Click on the aquarium type and size you are interested in starting, and we will help you through the equipment selection process and into the wet and wonderful world of the aquarium hobby.

Freshwater 30-gallons Freshwater 55-gallons Freshwater 75-gallons
Fish-Only-With-Live-Rock (FOWLR)
Fish-Only-With-Live-Rock (FOWLR) 30-gallons Fish-Only-With-Live-Rock (FOWLR) 55-gallons Fish-Only-With-Live-Rock (FOWLR) 75-gallons
Marine Reef
Marine Reef 30-gallons Marine Reef 55-gallons Marine Reef 75-gallons