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Flying with Your Pet - Pet Travel Regulations (Part 3)

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Drs. Foster and Smith Deluxe Quilted Rear Seat Hammock
Drs. Foster and Smith Deluxe Quilted Rear Seat Hammock
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Pet Gear Extra Large Travel System
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Octagon Pet Pen
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Precious Cargo: First-Time Flying with Your Pet: Travel Planner Countdown: 10 Days Prior
Get your pet a health certificate before traveling Get Your Pet Health Certificate
Notify your veterinarian about your travel plans to arrange a Health Certificate exam no more then 10 days before departure. After your pet's successful pre-flight checkup, your veterinarian will sign a Health Certificate required for boarding all flights in your itinerary.

  • A Health Certificate is valid for up to 10 days pre-flight and 30 days post-flight for your return, so plan the timing of your appointment wisely. You don't want your pet's certification period to expire before you depart - or return! If your pet needs to fly more than 10 days after the certificate is issued, you will need to get another one.

  • If traveling during extreme weather conditions but you are at ease about your pet comfortably withstanding the weather, inquire about an Acclimation statement. Your veterinarian will need to document this on the health certificate.

  • While in the office, you may also ask your veterinarian to recommend an animal hospital near your flight destination to keep in mind as an emergency contact. Make a copy of the Health Certificate and bring both the original and duplicate to the airport with you.

Pack Your Pet's Bags

Label Your Pet's Kennel
with the Following Info:
Pet's Name
Your Name
Cell Phone #
Origin & destination addresses with home phone #'s
Name of an emergency contact
Picture of your pet, if possible - if they should become lost or wander away, you will be able to provide a photo for quick identification.
Just as you would pack for your family, be sure to pack a small travel pack with all your pet's needs by your side. This would typically include:

  • Collar with I.D. & Lead
  • Paper towel cleanup material
  • A spare kennel blanket/t-shirt with familiar smell should be placed in your dog's kennel
  • Travel Bowl - food/water
  • Large bottled water - (Pets may become dehydrated during a flight - avoid tap water as it can cause diarrhea)
  • Gauze/Antiseptic stick
  • First aid tape
  • Food/vitamins - feeding
  • Copy of Health Certificate
  • Treats for your reunion after arrival
  • An extra collar in case of breakage
  • Waste bags for clean up

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