How to Monitor Your Aquarium's Power Consumption
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Aquarium filters, water pumps, heaters, and chillers all use different amounts of electricity.
Have you ever experienced a spike in your electric bill, but aren't sure which appliance or device is the culprit?
Many aquarists operate several pieces of equipment at one time and until now, they had no way of knowing how much energy each device consumed. Now you can find out which devices and appliances are worth keeping plugged in.

Simply plug Kill A Watt® PS-10 into a standard outlet, and monitor the energy use of any appliance. Kill A Watt® PS-10 delivers large, clear LCD readings in kilowatt-hours, just like the utility company. For aquarists, this provides considerable benefit.

First, it identifies devices that use more energy than they provide in useful benefit. Increased electric bills may be just the incentive you need to purchase a newer, more efficient model.

Consistent use of the monitor also cues you to changes in a device's consumption over time. Increased consumption is usually a good indicator that something has gone wrong with the equipment. This allows you to fix or replace it before it gets worse.

Plus, it allows you to forecast your electrical expenses, so you can budget accordingly. Easily make weekly, monthly, or even yearly expense forecasts. Plus, you can check the quality of your power because Kill A Watt® PS-10 also monitors voltage, line frequency, and power factor.