Aggressive Chewers: Top Treat Choices
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

If you've got a power mouth
pup in your house that just
won't quit, you may find it
difficult to keep enough
chew toys and treats
on hand.

Aggressive chewers can turn a rawhide chip into a soggy string in one sitting, but fortunately there are a number of chew treats available designed to keep even the strongest gnawers busy for days – even weeks – before you have to replace them.

Here are a few ideas for the mighty mouth in your house:

  • Drs. Foster & Smith Super Heavyweight Rawhide Bones – These dog chew treats are made of extra-thick cuts of rawhide. Made from premium American beefhide, these chews are ideal for bigger dogs and mega-chewers.

  • Pressed Rawhide – These ultra-dense rawhide treats are formed by compressing 100% cowhide under intense pressure into bone-shaped molds. Since no chemicals are used in the processing and they're available in a variety of flavors, pressed rawhides make a long-lasting, nutritious and delicious obsession for even the most dedicated canine.

  • Plaque Attackers – If your dog loves to work on his favorite bone for hours, why not give him a chew specifically designed to work on improving his dental health as well? Chew toys like Nylabone Durables, Nylabone Dinos and Dental Chews, and Drs Foster & Smith Dental Scrubbies™ all feature raised bumps to massage gums and scrape dental plaque from teeth. They resist tough chewing using unique composite formulas like hardened cornstarch or pet-safe, flavored thermoplastics.

Do you have an AGGRESSIVE Chewer?
Don't be fooled by the size of your dog. Aggressive chewers come in all breeds, shapes, and sizes. Some breeds are known for the power of their jaws, but even the smallest Schnauzer can out-chew a laid-back Labrador if he has the right personality. So when shopping for long-lasting chews, select the right size for his mouth – and the right style for his temperament.


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