Top 10 Shed Control Products
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Top Ten Shed Control Products Selection Guide
With the changing of the seasons, some pets tend to shed more. Below are our doctor's TOP PICKS for a healthy coat and a clean home.

VitaCoat & VitaCoat Plus
Vitamin and mineral enriched Fatty Acid supplement keeps your pet's coat healthy and prevents broken or damaged hair.

Oatmeal Shampoo Hypo-Allergenic or Oatmeal Shampoos
Use either of these pH balanced shampoos weekly to reduce shedding.

Simple Solution Shed Guard Wipes
Premoistened disposable cloths hold hair as you "pet" shedding problems away.

Shedding Tools
GripSoft tools take the work out of grooming with soft rubber handles designed to follow your hand motion.

Fatty Acid-rich liquid reduces shedding while adding luster to your pet's coat.

Smart Brush Smart Brush
Ergonomically designed with interchangeable heads to gently remove all excess hair.

Shed Solution
An easy-to-feed oral supplement that helps reduce excessive shedding.

Grooming Glove Grooming Gloves
Lift away extra hair and dander as you pet your dog!

Furniture Throws
Decorative and functional covers protect furniture while trapping hair in one location for cleanup.

Pet Hair Pic-Up Kit
The classic sticky tape roller that really works. A customer favorite